Wednesday, February 11, 2015

New Services for Hands!

Now available for women too! Keeping it simple, clean and classy at Composure.

We've had requests and are expanding our services. With our Executive Experience we do a Man-icure and our ladies have been requesting a little shape up as well. 

$4 add-on to your haircut, no polish. 

Trim/file nail, remove excess cuticle, buff, moisturize. Book online here. (Choose Book Package & then "Simple Clean Hands") And.....

Winter is here and our skin is dry!
~~Has your scalp been flaking too? (CONDITIONER!!!) ~~~

 Our gentlemen have also been requesting what our women have been getting - hand massages! As a hairstylist and fitness dancer, it's hard to not develop carpal tunnel. So, my wonderful doctor and friend Dr. Zoe Smotherman introduced me to OMT work. And we by no means, are a doctor, BUT releasing tension in hands that are in constant use is so beautifully amazing. So come sit, relax and let Briana & Caitlyn work their magic!
Paraffin wax seals in the moisture and..... is a common option in heat therapy treatments for people with arthritis or other rheumatic diseases. The heat helps increase blood flow and relax the muscles, which can help relieve caused by arthritis, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. Paraffin wax can even soften hardened skin caused by scleroderma, a disease in which collagen accumulates on the body. It also increases the skin's elasticity, allowing for increased movement and mobility, especially on the skin covering the hands.
But the benefits of paraffin wax don't stop there. Because paraffin wax treatments are a form of heat therapy, they're often used for muscle, tendon and ligament ailments. As with conditions like arthritis, they increase blood flow, improve joint stiffness and reduce pain. They're also used to treat bursitis, tendonitis, sprains and pulled muscles.

$2/add on

Monday, December 29, 2014

Keragreen Straightening Treatment Special for Valentine's Day!

Keragreen is the new, more natural and organic hair restoration, smoothing, and protein treatment. Formulated with absolutely no formaldehyde, formaldehyde derivatives, parabens, or ammonia; it has been designed as a more gentle, safe, and natural way to rejuvenate and revive hair. The Keragreen smoothing system is a comprehensive solution with supreme respect for the health, wellness, and vitality of hairdressers and clients. With UV protection, L-Cystine amino-acids to fight hair loss, and rich vitamins and nutrients, Keragreen goes unquestioned as the most natural, effective, and respected keratin smoothing treatment in the salon industry.

• Made with Certified Organic Ingredients
• Free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde derivatives, parabens, or ammonia
• Naturally treats hair-loss with L-Cystine amino-acids and nutrients
• Gently restructures bonds to add soft flow, movement, and elasticity
• Restores and rejuvenates hair’s natural beauty while adding strength and vitality.
• Repairs poros, brittle, or damaged hair by adding protein that is rich in nutrients
• Supported by a comprehensive system of specially formulated products


Get $50 off your Organic Straightening 
Treatment with Briana at Composure Organic 
Hair Color Salon!

Book online here or contact 918.510.6543

Here is a link to articles on this treatment and its safety:

Monday, October 13, 2014

2014 Organic Hair Color Fall Trends

The crunch of crimson colored leaves and alluring scent of autumn spice can only mean one thing – fall is in the hair! So sit fireside, warm up your Pinterest pinning-finger, and check out these fall 2014 hair color trends.
The red-orange undertones of Auburn Harvest, one of the most sought-after fall hair color trends, are an ideal match for warm skin tones – pale or dark. Auburn’s brownish-red tint will bring out your skin color’s naturally golden hues, giving you a soft, healthy glow.

Rich and delectable, red velvet is sure to please any sweet toothed, true olive-skinned lady, like Ariana Grande (seen left).

Ruby red with jets of violet? Give a warm welcome to Plumberry. This fall 2014 hair color trend is the perfect match for cool or neutral skin tones looking for a dark red hair color.
Have a warm skin tone? Save the welcome and steer clear of too much violet in your hair color formula – they tend to make your skin color look yellow and sallow.

It wouldn’t be fall without ribbons of caramel highlights frolicking hand-in-hand with a rich, mocha hair color.

For brunettes with a warm base and skin tone, shy away from the frosted chestnut, and embrace your hair’s natural shade with these toffee tones.
For added dimension, pair subtle copper hues with caramel highlights to brighten the face area.

For those with black or dark brown hair color, say hello to black currant. This purpley-black hair color compliments cool brunettes looking to add a little (or a lot) of violet.
Adding this color to a soft sombre or reverse ombré, is the optimal way to blend imperial purple with a natural brown hair color.

Simply irresistible, chocolate hair color can come in different shades, depending which flavor you’re trying to embody.
For a warm, milk chocolate color, look to soft copper highlights to add dimension.
For dark chocolate, focus on your cool brown shades.

Remarked for its ashy tones, cool blonde hair color is a breeze for fall. 
The pairings of dark ash and clear blonde is a popular fall hair color trend for blondes, especially since keeping light hair fresh during winter can be a ha