Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to School in Style

For some parents this is a great sight, for others it's a sign of sadness. But either way, the children are being educated and hopefully you have a few more hours in the day to yourself! If your child still needs an update for school, bring them by! I charge a discounted rate for children and we can even do them during your appointment as well to save on time (and keep them from getting too fidgety!) 

Schedule your color and cut and bring a book, electronic device or a toy for them to play with and then we'll beautify them as well while you're processing and relaxing!
+ you'll save $10 for the referral

Monday, August 13, 2012

100% Profit Week Complete!

 As a booth renter stylist, often I do not feel as though my business is as important as others or that I really do enough. Thank you everyone for giving back to our community and I am super proud of all the hard work that myself and Stephanie (my assistant) put in to make this happen. For being "just a booth renter", I think we did quite well!

 The final number is ACTUALLY $1,005.50. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Giving Back to the Victims of WildFires

 I grew up in Hillsboro Iowa, a town so small that I'm surprised it's still around. Back then, I lived a very simple life, as most children do and I read a lot. The Little House on the Prairie books were some of my favorites, and this last Saturday night, I felt as though I was that little girl specifically because I remember in one of the books, their family fighting a fire on their farm.

 My partner, Don, is the owner of Bootstrap Farm in Yale Oklahoma. Usually these sort of tragic weather-related instances would not affect me, as it does not most of us who live in the city. We are typically too involved with whatever traffic, errand, or incoming text to think about much more.
 But as we attempted to get to his farm (most of the roads being closed and towns evacuated) this was what I saw when looking out the window on both sides of our vehicle. 

 I say now that I'm an adult. At 26, I'm successful, mature, and responsible. But this night, I was afraid and unsure of what was going to happen once we got there. Part of me wanted to call my parents, because my dad is a farmer too and ask for advice and just ask them to think about us, but the adult part of me remembered that they would just simply worry. 

 When we arrived, the farm was still safe. Even though the wind had switched, blowing the fire back towards the farm, it was still a small distance away. But for Don, it was too close for comfort. He stayed up until after 3AM trying to do what he could to protect things, and slept fitfully until 5AM when he heard the rain pounding on the roof. 
This is what I saw on my drive out to the farm today, and usually I just sing along to the radio or listen to NPR - not this time. Today, both going to and coming from, was a very solemn experience. I have clients and friends who live in Mannford, Cleveland, Yale, etc. I checked on them and everyone was safe and nothing had been lost. 
But there are many others who did lose their homes, their animals, their buildings, and some did not have insurance. That thing that we should pay for but nothing will ever happen right? That's what we all hope for, but it's not always the case unfortunately. 
 My heart goes out to all the families who were afraid this past weekend and even more so to the families that now have to rebuild. My heart only can do so much, so I'm taking action as well.

  This week at Composure Salon, all profits will go towards those that need help because of these Wild Fires in Oklahoma. If there is something you would like to donate (canned food, clothing, etc) please just bring it into the salon with you.