Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Hair Show Picture Time!!!

I know that you're all just as excited as I am to view the photos that were taken this past Thursday. I've had time to view Jeremy Charles's website, and I just want to compliment his extraordinary talent.

Click on the Ihloff link.

My green space model is at the end of page 4 & beginning of page 5.
Our Hansel & Gretel are page 8 & page 9.

And for SOME reason (?!?!?!) my scarecrow did NOT get her picture taken! :-( I am very upset over this because I worked on her hair for over 2 hours! But...that's alright. These are the models that I worked on and then any other "Good Guys" you notice, they were also included in Crystal & my brainstorming (Little Red Riding Hood, Little Bo Peep, Cinderella, Snow White, Prince Charming 1 & 2).

This show was SO much fun and I hope that everyone will keep it in mind for next year and we also have Refresh Tulsa in April. It's not QUITE as big as this, and it's focus is more on Earth month.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Dandelion Network

As many of you may or may not know, I am a very busy little lady. The Creative Team's latest project is over though, the Fall Hair Show (pictures soon to come!) but I thought I would introduce you to another group that I have been involved with!


The Dandelion Network is a group of creative women that supply services for other women. Most of the other women own their own business and work here in Tulsa. There are about 12-18 of us now I believe, and we just continue to add more! It's been a really great experience being able to bounce different business ideas off of each other and partnering with other women to dive into new expeditions with more help.

If you would like to check out my Intro -

You can continue to look around and check out the other women and see what different options you have in Tulsa!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thursday Is The Night To Not Forget!!!

Ihloff's greatest event of the year will be tomorrow Thursday, October 22nd at 7Pm at the Convention Center downtown. If you have not gotten your tickets yet, it's NOT too late! Stop by the salon tomorrow during the day to pick them up for $15 or $20 at the door.

I am in charge of the Prince & Princess (Good Guys) segment, and I'm SUPER excited about my characters! I do not want you guys to miss the 'other work' that we capable of here at Ihloff! Plus, we get dressed up and get to experience something different than your typical Thursday night in Tulsa! It will be a very awesome evening!

Remember, this IS a benefit for Resonance; last year we raised almost $60,000 for the organization. They help women that have been incarcerated for nonviolent crimes return to 'normal' lives in our society by teaching them coping and life skills. We work very hard and need your support to help make this work!

I hope to see everyone tomorrow, even most of my GUY friends are coming, so this is for BOTH sexes! Bring your boyfriends and husbands ladies!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dirty Is Not Always A Horrible Thing!

I know we've discussed this before, but I wanted to reiterate and bring up a few new tips.

First off, you should be only washing your hair every other day or even every 2 days if your hair is thick and coarse. Guys - that means you as well! Your scalp may take a week or two to get used to your washing it less, but it will adjust in time.

There are a few times in particular that you need to resist washing, even if it's time to.

1. If you're coming in for a haircut! I'm going to wash it anyways, so let me do my job! Like I just said, only wash it every other day, so there is absolutely no reason to wash it more than once a day.

2. If you're coming in for color - it is so much easier for me to foil hair when it's a little dirty because the 'fly aways' lay down much easier for me. Less 'fly aways' mean less time fighting little hairs and better color all together.

3. If you're getting an updo - Dirty hair holds better than clean hair because as I just mentioned, the little hairs lay down much better. If you are going to do an updo, you usually know plenty ahead of time about the event, so try to wash your hair at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment. Having that little bit of extra oil in your hair adds much more shine, and makes everything look picture perfect without adding extra product.

And now onto how-to. Shampoo and condition, separately. Yes, two steps. And the type of product you use is very important as well. Pantene has wax in its shampoo that builds up on the hair and too much protein that makes the hair break off. Herbal Essence and Suave are much too harsh for the hair. The rest that you buy off the store at Wal-Mart or a department store are not much better. I have worked with Matrix, Biolage, Rusk, Aquage, American Crew, Nioxin, Nexus, S Factor, and now Aveda. I will admit that Aveda is my favorite so far, and not because it's what my salon supplies. I can now finally make the hair in the salon that I see in magazines. Plus, it makes me feel better that I'm not putting strange chemicals on my scalp. Best of all, my vibrant red hair stays better than ever!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wow-E-Zow-Ee! Busy time!

I didn't think that the 'busy season' started until November, with the holidays pushing in, but I'm not so sure that's the case now! One of the girls in the call center surprised me the other day. She mentioned that one of my guests had missed her appointment and then to reschedule it took her two weeks later to find a time that would coincide with the two separate schedules.


Brings me to point #1. If you cannot make your appointment for any reason, please just call ASAP. I usually have people on the waiting list for my Tuesday and Thursday night and sometimes Saturdays too. If you call to reschedule, they will probably take that time spot instead. Which means - the spot they had before, MAY work for you better! Then I'm also not sitting at work with no one in my chair, knowing that someone else wants to be there. Win-Win-Win situation for everyone! Yay! (Although, every now and then a break is good, but that's why I schedule a 'lunch'.)

Point #2. I mentioned Wait List. Yes, I do have one. I know so SO many people work. That's why I have adjusted my schedule to be to accommodate everyone's needs. I know that I am NOT a early morning person. Aka - I do NOT have an 8:30AM - 2:30PM shift because I know that it does not work for me, my lifestyle, or even most of my clients.

Sunday: 12PM - 6PM (at Utica, Midtown)
Monday: 9AM - 5PM (South Memorial)
Tuesday: 12PM - 9PM (SM)
Thursday: 3PM - 9PM (SM)
Friday: 10AM - 4PM (SM)
Saturday: 9AM - 5PM (SM)

The Wait List is not complicated, although sometimes you have to just remind the call center/front desk about it. They will try to get you scheduled as soon as possible, but if there is another earlier time/day that works, just let them know. Then, in the event a cancellation does happen, you can get in even earlier!

Point #3. I did list my days and hours again, although they are listed on the right hand side of my blog. I wanted to point out that they are flexible, to an extent. Now, I'm probably not going to get out of bed at 7AM to come in for a kid's haircut on my day off, but I do enjoy what I do. I've pointed out to some of my guests that I'm not married, no children, no pets, no boyfriend (yes...I know, STILL), and not even a lease on my apartment. I really have 0 responsibilities. And I love my work. So if you're having problems scheduling, call and talk with the call center, schedule something and then send a note over to me if something isn't working well. I'll call you personally, and see what we can do!

I did want to thank everyone for how sweet you are and it is because of you that I get out of bed and leave the house everyday. I was homesick for Iowa when I first moved here over 2 years ago, but I am so incredibly grateful for having made the choice that I did to move here. I think it's been the best thing I could have ever done, so thank you for helping in that!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Trends Class

Usually on Sundays, I have to be at work at 12PM. That's usually fairly early for me, but this past Sunday, we had Trends class even earlier: 10AM. So hairstylists from both Utica and South locations came together with bagels, fruit, and cream cheese to learn the newest color formulas, color techniques, and hairstyles!

The 'shag' is coming back in full force, just with more texture, movement and a little different cutting style. Everything can look really full and layered when you round brush or just soft and trendy when you flat-iron the hair instead. It's so amazing how different one haircut can look with just how you style it.

There was a REALLY pretty red color that we did on a live model as well. It's perfect for fall with how rich the color is. The techniques that we learned weren't super different, but just little 'splashes' of color instead of being bold, bright, and in your face.

I know I'm definitely ready for a change in color and style, and not just because of the weather cooling down. When you do the same thing for too long, it just brings you down because you feel stagnant,'s time for CHANGE! But TRENDY change!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Deeper Richer Color Time!


The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are starting to change, the fall colors are so rich and pretty!'s time to incorporate those colors into your hair! There are a few different options, both permanent and semi-permanent. Aveda's permanent haircolor is 97% naturally derived and semi is 99% natural, so often times your hair feels in better condition after the service. If you want to do an all over color or just foil in some low lights to enhance what you currently have, it's definitely time for a change!