Saturday, December 24, 2011

Poetry from the Salon

As I stand behind the chair,
examining your hair.
First I ask the style you have in mind,
or suggest a personalized design.

Before you see,
The consummate profession in me,
You may not understand,
how much perfection that I demand.

I take my profession very seriously,
And value the faith and trust you put in me.
For when you sit in my chair,
I care about your well-being as well as you hair.

Whether you want your hair straightened, curled, or dyed,
you can trust that I will never use ammonia, thioglycolates, or formaldehyde.
Your hair will look fabulous - which is my goal above all,
But I will do it without parabens or resorcinol.

You may not even know of the Organic Salon Systems products I use,
but you won’t worry as more stories when salon chemicals are in the news.
You’ll appreciate I care for your well-being as I put in your curls,
I know my clients appreciate it from all their referrals.

Your hair will look fabulous and your color will last,
You’ll be the talk of the party at your Holiday blast.
Knowing you used products that are eco-friendly, vegan, and cruelty free,
means you should feel socially responsible at your next party!

A cut or style, may suit you fine,
but won’t do a thing, without a healthy shine
A deep conditioning treatment, and some color that is styled with some gloss,
all plastic free so you look beautiful for your Santa Claus!

Don’t leave without,
Your Intensive Conditioner or Reparative Shampoo,
Your hair also needs moisture
and protein too.

Now as you sit here at my station, remember,
You’re going to stay healthy and beautiful way past next December.
I will work my wonders and you may think I am a magician,
But I am just a creative, caring, and health conscious hair technician.

As we go through this next year the world will learn more,
About how dangerous salon chemicals are and how they are evil to the core.
You already know that you can rely on my care for your overall wellbeing,
But you’ll trust me more as governments, “Big Beauty”, and the media start agreeing!

I wish you the happiest of holiday and a wonderful new year,
And am pleased I can make you look beautiful without having to fear.
I love what I do and I have to say,
My clients well being is my passion that gets me behind my chair each day!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vanity Fair - Redheads vs Blondes

As most of you know, I am a true believer of rich, healthy hair - especially when it comes to color (hence the Organic Color Line). When I saw the most recent Vanity Fair Scarlett Johansson, I just had to find out how and what they did to her hair! 

Now tell me - of the 2 pictures below, which photo shows her hair looking healthy, shiny, and sexy?

I think she is one of the most beautiful women out there, but as you can see - change and richness can be just the necessary option of a dramatic overall change - with as little as 2-3 hours in the salon. I think blonde is fun too - but I saw this and just couldn't help but share!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Share Your Opinion!

I know everyone has their owns thoughts - please share them!
  10 questions, 2 minutes, max - PROMISE! 

Feedback is always helpful and we can continue improving with your help.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Contest to Win A Free Haircut!

Remember this picture?

FB Contest Update: Andrea Heinig is our winner! But not to despair for the rest - I see what a little incentive does. We reached 200 in less than an hour ~ so new contest! How fast can we reach 300 and not only does the person who sent them get a prize, so does the lucky #300! Ready, set, go tell!

Composure is at 195 followers (fans) and the contest is as follows:

 Whoever refers Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss 200 followers will win a free haircut! Go tell your friends how you got that awesome hair and how your stylist listened to your concerns, answered your questions, and gave you advice! Share with them the great experience that you enjoyed.

 Sidenote: When you do refer someone, you always save $10 on your next appointment - share the love, share the moo-lah, what could be better?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Don't Forget Your Gift!


December is here and I can't wait to see everyone this month so that I can extend my Thank You for sharing your time, your life, your experience with me in the salon.

And don't forget - share your positive experience with your friends, family and coworkers by giving them the gift of great hair with a Gift Certificate! (This month only save 20% on any gift certificate purchase)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

2011 Winter Trends

What is popular? What is the look?

Short, sharp edges with a strong bang


Or a strong center part!

Remember: any style should fit your face shape, hair texture, hair length, etc. Styles can and should be modified for the individual person.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Brazilian Blowout Testing

For those of you that had questions about the reliability of the chemicals behind the Brazilian Blowout solution please visit

After having had the Brazilian Blowout treatment twice and seeing the results on my own clients, I definitely would NOT want to go back to the frizzy mess I had before. Less tangles, stronger smoother hair is my preference!

This is a protein that smooths and strengthens the hair. It is not a permanent solution because there is no cuticle being opened during the process. It lasts up to 12 weeks, using the recommended shampoo and conditioner (Prive's Concept Vert is awesome for it).

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November's Product Choice

This is one of my favorite product for helping to smooth out semi-curly hair; anti frizz factor too! Mix with a little shine serum or grooming creme & you've got a great mélange!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Spectacular Savings For Spooky Season!

For those of you that have yet to visit the salon - this Halloween Special is perfect for you to take advantage of coming in to see the salon, experience a new environment, AND save money for your color makeover!

Valid through the end of October:

On any chemical service (color, foil, Brazilian Blowout) save 50% on your cut & facial waxing and receive a complimentary deep conditioning treatment! That is almost a $60 savings just for coming in before the end of October and updating your color or style using the new Organic Color Systems or Brazilian Blowout Solution.

As an upscale salon in Tulsa, I believe the integrity of your hair is essential to be protected. You can't have as much shine as you want, if you're using box / ammonia color.

Notes: This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and is only valid for appointments through October 31st. Appointments are required and 24 hour cancellation policy is enforced.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Few Words from Laurent, Creator of Prive

"Like many people in this industry, I started out as an aspiring hairdresser. I began as an apprentice in a Biarritz salon when I was just 16. My hard work and perseverance payed off and I went on to open my own salon, eventually relocating to Los Angeles to partner with Jose Eber and open 10 salons. Next came Privé Products, which to me, wasn’t just another business venture. Developing Privé was a way for me to share my passion for creative hairdressing with other likeminded hairdressers. I was creating a line in the European fashion for the true artist. One that performs at the highest standard, one that can be mélanged to accomplish every hairdressing desire and one that met every expectation I, as a hairdresser, would demand of a line. Regardless of Privé’s success, I promised myself that I would always stay true to my roots – I am a hairdresser first and foremost."

"With that said, here we are years later and I’m proud to say I’ve stuck to my guns. Although I’m busy with Privé Products, I continue to work behind the chair at both the New York and Los Angeles Privé salons. Because of this I continue to stay in touch with what my fellow salon owners and stylists need from both an education and product standpoint so we can deliver everything they need. And most importantly, to this very day, Privé products are exclusively sold to the premier salons in the world. Only a hairdresser can understand the importance of this promise and mean it."

(information & photo courtesy of

Thursday, October 13, 2011

How Much Is Your Time Worth?

How much is 2 hours a week worth to you?

The question of the year
If you earn $15,000 a year, every hour is worth $8.93
$30,000 = $17.86
$60,000 = $35.71
$100,000 = $59.52
Now I ask - how much of your time do you spend styling / blowdrying your hair?

On average, a woman spends 60 minutes, 4 times a week = 1080 minutes / 18 hours a month

Once again - what is your time worth?

What if you could cut that time by 50%? Get 9 hours of your life back to spend how you want: family, friends, fun, work?
Let me tell you how - The Brazilian Blowout
Pricing: starts at $245 for up to 3 months worth of straight hair
= $81 / month
= $18 / week

Here's a few ideas on where to come up with that $18/week:
Eat lunch at home/office one more time a week
Splurge on your coffee/latte twice a week instead of everyday
(it's usually healthier too)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Are You Bored With Your Hair?

Then Change It!!!

A color adjustment is super easy, like this model above. Lightening the tips of your hair to add some fun / simply using a little richer color for fall.

Below you have an asymmetrical cut that is ever-changing. One day it can be smooth, another day wild and crazy. Choices and versatility let you express how you feel every single day. Take the chance and spice it up!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sundays is Everyone's Day Off - Right?

Not in the salon - at least not for me!

I usually like to work at least 11AM - 4:30, 5PM on Sundays, and right now - I do have some open time for this Sunday. (Please contact for exact times.)

So, for those of you that work during the week or are too busy running errands on Saturday ~ and when you finally get the kids (and the honey) down for nap on Sunday or just want to get away to a quiet place ~ come see me!

For this Sunday - we'll do this offer for my Sunday newcomers:

10% off your total services
purchase one Prive product, receive 20% off your second

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Healthier Hair Color - the Organic Way

If you've been with me for any length of time, I'm sure you know that my partner is an "organic" farmer. He sells his produce at the Cherry Street Farmer's Market every week and has many subscribers for his CSA (weekly box of produce). reviewing my "view" for the salon - I felt it was time to make a change. Prive is an environmentally friendly product, and thus far, with everything I've tried, it is my favorite and has helped not only my hair, but my clients' as well. But the color line I was using was not in line with my mission, so I went on a search and came up with.....

Take some time, read a bit - and then come see me, Christa Michelle, to experience your hair color with no fumes, no irritation, and no skin stain.
And.....SHINIER hair!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Loving the Brazilian Blowout

So...I have to say, I was skeptical. I've had frizzy, wavy - but not pretty curls, all my life. And most of you know, that I do NOT do my hair everyday - the picture for my profile (to the right).


Color, high lights, then shampoo and reapply a solution before you blow dry and flat iron. Rinse it back out, masque & Voilà! Reblow from now on with your hand!

The best part? I still get to use my Prive Concept Vert shampoo & conditioner along with all my favorite styling products.

I'm sure everyone is curious about pricing, and I know in Hollywood - stars are paying around $500 for this service. This - is - Tulsa. Some salons are still charging $300+, but I have decided to do the following:

Starting price is $245 & for the month of September, I am going to include your haircut in that, along with 25% off any product purchase that day. So instead of being almost $400 for the blowout, cut & products - it's going to start at $245 (extra cost for longer/thicker hair) and then 25% off your Prive shampoo, conditioner, etc.

Oh, and one more thing - I don't get a crease line from my pony tail anymore!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Brazilian Blowout

From a LA Salon:

"Brazilian Blowout keratin hair treatment is taking Hollywood and the world by storm. If you have curly or frizzy hair, chances are you've heard of it. The answer to hair woes for Nicole Richie, Halle Berry, Lindsay Lohan and Ashley Tisdale can be the answer to yours as well! But there are many stylists out there...and many competing products. Some salons have been known to falsely advertise "Brazilian Blowout" when they are actually using something else, then you don't even know what you're getting. Some products contain much harsher chemicals than others, while some stylists claim their product is "chemical-free."

Let’s face the reality - if they were made of rainbows and butterflies, the blowout wouldn’t last beyond a few shampoos, the exact problem you must be having or you wouldn't even be considering the service. However, Brazilian Blowout uses chemicals that are gentle and semi-permanent because they lay on the outside of the hair instead of penetrating and changing its structure.""

As many of you know, I carry a natural plant line that is not sold in Target, Wal-Mart or other retail stores. I want to have the best products, and provide the best services for my clients - including the Brazilian Blowout that has been asked for multiple times now. The class I attended, I do have to say, I was more than a little skeptical - that's my nature. But by the end, with some texting back and forth between myself and my science nerd boyfriend (checking ingredient and formulation info) - I decided this was a great way to provide a terrific service.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

2011 Fall Trends

Fall is the time for many take a dive - into the world of short hair! What a great time to try something fresh, edgy and head turning. This season we’re seeing the return of masculine and feminine pixie cuts, blunt bangs, and even half shaved hairstyles.

Movement is important for men's haircuts though - use the hair and the products you've got (or I'll send you home with) to achieve these looks:

If you’re too afraid to go for a shorter style, adding blunt bangs to your look is something fresh and really simple.

Trying to grow the bangs out - braid them back for convenience and be fashion forward!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Be Kind To The Enviroment ~ Product Choices

Shampoo: Enriched with Amazon açai and babassu oil, Privé Concept Vert # 101 rejuvenates hair with antioxidants and strengtheners as it gently nourishes and cleanses. This paraben and sulfate free, high-yield formula expands into a rich, creamy foam that leaves the hair feeling and looking shiny and healthy. Color safe.
Conditioner: Enriched with Amazon açai and babassu oil, Privé Concept Vert # 102 is a paraben and sulfate free penetrating conditioner that rejuvenates hair with potent antioxidants and healing strengtheners. This nourishing, high-yield formula expands into a rich, creamy foam that leaves the hair soft, shiny and supple. Color Safe.

And remember: When you bring your used cans back to the salon - you receive 10% off your new Concept Vert cans - just for recycling!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Precious Time

Time. There never really seems to be enough of it, for anyone - or to do, anything.

Hair. It is important, but it doesn't need to take over your life.

Goal. Make your life simpler.

How? Acceptance. Haircuts can be fabulous. Color can be amazing. Products can be lifesavers.

But - in the end - it is your hair, and it is still just hair.


My time : runs on a schedule; flexible.
My hair : wavy-curly; takes 5 minutes, with an awesome haircut & my preferred red color.
My goal: help make your life easier and help you feel beautiful and confident.

Feeling better about yourself in just an hour or two, is the best way to make your week, month, or season. Make sure to take that time out, for yourself, to make your life easier in the end.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tulsa - Feather Extensions

This time teal blue has been added to the inventory again! I have in addition:

Fat: Red & pink
Thin: Lavendar, dark purple, natural, lemonade, red, and now teal

Pricing: Ranges from $7-$9 per feather

Please call ahead to reserve your spot today! 918.510.6543

Monday, July 4, 2011

Offer: July Starts With Fireworks!

Now - we don't have to make your hair quite that bright - but with this offer - something new and exciting might be on the horizon!

For the month of July - for any new color client, receive a complimentary deep conditioning treatment, 50% off your facial waxing, and 25% off your haircut


What does that mean?

A great chance to come in a for a makeover or to try something new! Something different, bright (or subtle) and fun! Be inspired & be brave!

This offer is only good for new color clients and not for existing appointments beginning July 1st. It DOES apply to existing clients adding a color service.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

New FeatherLocks Color

The red featherlocks will be in salon as of Wednesday -
Lavendar & dark purple are still available, along with warm natural or "lemonade"

Pricing: Typically ranges from $7-$9 per feather

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Deal!

This weekend only:

With any women's haircut - receive 1 feather extension and installation for free


With any chemical service - receive a free eyebrow wax

AND....with any service - receive 10% off any product purchase!

Vacation + Deals = Great!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Feathers - Purple & Lavendar UPDATE

Blue was a hit in the salon - so we are going with purple and lavender this time around! They should arrive next week - so call ahead to book your spot!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Open House

Open House at The Beauty Loft!

21st & Columbia - Suite 300

Dermalogica, Prive, sangria - what more can you ask for? Come meet me (or just visit) and the other girls!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mother's Day Promo

With your purchase of any 2 Prive products, receive a complimentary Body Wash or Lotion!

Note: Offer cannot be combined with any other discount.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Remember The Pillsbury Dough Boy?

About a month ago - I received a phone call from New York to do the photo shoot for the Pillsbury Dough Boy contest winner in Collinsville, Oklahoma. Here is the result of some beautiful curls - picture courtesy of Tulsa World's website!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Adding A Little Feather Flare!

As seen in magazines - I am now going to be doing Feathers Locks in the salon!

Painless, chemical free, and not permanent, you simply attach a feather extension (that yes, you can wash, blowdry, even curl and flat iron!) and VOILA! You have a new look! For those of you that get bored easily or want a small change - this is for you.

To test out the waters of how popular this will be, I've chosen to only go with the natural feathers. If you would like a fun bright color (blue, purple, magenta) let me know ahead of time, and I will order them for you.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Salon Location

Where are you?

I'm lost!

I don't know where I'm going!

Here is the simple answer:

21st & Columbia (between Harvard and Lewis)- North side of the road ~ 3rd floor, Suite 300

The building does have certain hours - so if you have an appointment scheduled on Saturday after 1pm or on Sunday (yes, I work Sundays) then just call/text me when you get into the parking lot. For security reason - we keep the building locked.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Exciting News!

First on the game plan - I have a new job. That's right - a REAL job, Christa Michelle Tyler will be the "Operations Manager" for Robin's Roast Service (Don's career). What does that really mean? I'm the bookkeeper, organizer, manager of time, and so much more. What does that mean for the salon?
I'm going to begin only working Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

As soon as the semester is over, I can be at the salon earlier on Mondays, but for now, Accounting and History call, and they won't let me escape until 11:20AM.

Now the really exciting awesome news..............

Composure & Christa Michelle Tyler are moving to the newly renovated (and still undergoing some changes) salon known as The Beauty Loft (starting Monday, March 28th, 2011). It is located on 21st between Harvard & Lewis. It is directly off of Highway 64/51 and sits northwest of Borders book store. Keller Willliams Realty is the large company that resides in the bottom two floors, but a full service salon shall be on the 3rd floor!

Kelli is the individual who has undertaken such a renovation of this area, and she has been working her tail off and doing a beautiful job. For now, I shall be the only stylist, but she is an esthetician and nail tech. (We're looking for more stylists & a massage therapist though!)

For those of you that missed the comfortable shampoo bowls at Ihloff - you're going to have to come experience these - they're even better!

I'm going to continue with the color line I enjoy Schwarzkopf and Prive products, because they've been really awesome to both my clients and I.

I am super excited - as a few of you know, my goal is to one day open my own salon. But looking at what Kelli has done and the area she has chosen - this is pretty darn close to being my goal. Come see and experience the change with me!

2651 E 21st Street
Tulsa OK 74114