Thursday, December 12, 2013


"The other dry shampoo I was using was wet feeling but I love Prive's smell and how light and airy my hair feels afterwards!" ~ Sarah

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Organic Color Special

Have you or a friend been wanting to try Organic Color but are afraid of the beginning cost or trusting a new salon or product line? 
For the rest of this month, try our Organic Hair Color with a FREE deep conditioning treatment and 50% off your haircut!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

New Service at Composure Organic Hair Color Salon!

Waking up with bright open eyes just makes everyday so much easier! No need to apply mascara with a new service at Composure.

Pair it together with an eyebrow tint, eyebrow wax and you save yourself the hassle of mascara, tweezing, filling in your eyebrows and time!

Monday, September 23, 2013

10 Minutes & No More Damaged Hair!


This is a new non-formaldehyde product that has an ingredient called amodimethicone that provides TARGETED conditioning your damages areas!

Pricing for this awesome treatment (I've done it, yes it's wonderful!):

Add on to style is ONLY $18

This lasts for 4 weeks, so for those that are wanting to grow a bit more and protect what you have from thermal damages, increase your shine, resist product buildup, AND impart shine - this is for you.

Utilizing a proprietary Thermo-Marine Bonding System™, this treatment fills in and binds broken hair fibers together, instantly mending split ends while a Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex prevents future breakage by protecting ends against daily styling and environmental damage. 
The end result is instantly repaired, stronger, healthier ends protected against future breakage.

 There is no down time; you may wash your hair, exercise, put your hair in a clip, ponytail or bun without worry!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

2013 Fall Hair Style Fashion Trends

Fall 2013 Hair Trends
Fall is in the ‘hair’!

It’s time to trade in beach towels for boots, lemonades for lattes, and most importantly, summer tangles for fall tresses!
As beauty enthusiasts and salon industry professionals, we have compiled this complete Fall/Winter 2013 Hair Lookbook for you to share with your clients and colleagues.

Winter 2013 Hair Trends

We predict this will be one of the hottest hair color trends of the Fall and Winter season!

Plum browns, with their gorgeous violet and red undertones, are a great option for your brunette clients who are looking for an edgy, yet professional look. This type of brown is highly customizable, allowing you to use more violet or more red, depending on your client’s desired result.
Celebrities who have successfully pulled off a shade of plum brown are Lana Del Ray and Kelly Osbourne.

Fall 2013 Hair Trends
The queen of cherry cola hair color is Cheryl Cole (pictured left)! Her olive skin tone paired with this reddish brown hair color is perfect for fall, and is a great model to suggest to your dark hair colored clients looking to add some spice to their hair color!
However, this color is so versatile, feel free to suggest it to your fair-skinned clients, as well!

Fall 2013 Hair Trends

2013 has definitely been the year of the redhead, and this classic color trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing down!
If your clients aren’t looking for a deep fiery red, try suggesting the cinnamon strands of the copper red family! Copper red hair color is a perfect choice for your fair-skinned clients who may be weighed down with too dark of a red. 

Fall 2013 Hair Trends
This hair color trend is optimal for those clients who love to rock a light blonde year round!

Butter blondes are characterized by their platinum blonde highlights, accentuated with golden yellow pieces. While the upkeep may be a bit more demanding during winter, this is still a very trendy option for those blonde bombshells who love to “light” up a room!

Fall 2013 Hair Trends

Also known as the perfect combination of brown and blonde hues, bronde is perfect for darker haired clients who want to try out a lighter color, or for those typically blonde clients who desire a darker shade of blonde.

Bronde hair color can take many forms and can have ashy or golden undertones. The best way to achieve the bronde hair color for your clients is to stay lighter through the face and ends with well-blended highlights, creating a subtle ombre look.

Fall 2013 Hair Trends

The perfect middle ground between a butter blonde and a bronde hair color is honey blonde!

Honey blonde hair color was first popularizd by Jennifer Aniston in the mid 2000s and is definitely making another comeback!
Honey blonde hair color is characterized by predominantly warm hues, paired with well-placed, toned highlights. As a cousin of the bronde hair color trend, this look is best achieved with your ombre/balayage technique.

Fall 2013 Hair Trends
Perfect for your naturally dark leveled clients, chocolate brown paired with warm copper highlights through the mid shaft and ends is a gorgeous fall hair color.

Consider doing a full head of micro-highlights or a well-blended ombre to achieve this delectable fall beauty. These techniques will also maximize their color service, as regrowth tends to stay darker through the winter months with less sun.
Celebrities that pull this fall hair color off flawlessly are: Jessica Alba, Mila Kunis, and Megan Fox.

Fall 2013 Hair Trends

To really bring hair back to life after a summer of sun and heat, is a dark, rich neutral brown hair color!
No need to add any highlights for this one, this sleek and sexy hair color will draw from summer’s lighter pieces to create a shiny, multidimensional look.
This hair color is perfect for those clients desiring to go darker in fall, and don’t necessarily want warm/copper hues.
Celebs that wear this hair trend perfectly are Jessica Biel and Adriana Lima!

Fall 2013 Hair Trends
We’re not talking beach waves, ladies!Loose, polished waves are in!
Fall and winter is a time to let your hair shine and not embrace the frizz! Smooth, loose waves can come in all shapes and sizes, and can be worn casually with knitted hats or at formal fall events.

Fall 2013 Haircuts
Although fall is perfect long hair weather, not everyone will opt to keep their locks long.In come the texturized bobs!

This adorable fall haircut is low maintenance and is complemented by your fall ombre color palette.
Celebs that know how to rock the messy bob are Ashley Greene, Jennifer Lawrence, and ScarJo!
Fall 2013 Hairstyles
Kiss the hot steamy, humid months of summer goodbye!Fall and winter are the perfect months to wear sleek, straight hair that lasts all day and radiates shine and health!
Style your clients with an awesome blow dry cream, and send them home with a moisturizing oil to lock in this fall style!
P.S. For a super sophisticated look, pair those polished strands with a deep side or middle part!

Fall 2013 Hairstyles
Whether they’re straight across or to the side, bangs are always a great addition to any fall or winter style!

Depending on your client’s features and preferences, be sure to recommend the right type of fringe! Wispy or bold bangs can be the difference between a cut that your client loves or hates!

Fall 2013 Hairstyles
Fall is the season for perfect waterfall braids or even a fishtail!

Braided styles that are able to be worn with long (or short) hair will be much sought after this fall!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

50 AMAZING Hair Facts You Didn't Know

1) Each strand of hair can contain traces of 14 different elements (including gold) – look at you, Rumpelstiltskin!
2) Hair absorbs oil out of the water – working as a natural sponge!
hair facts3) Let’s follow up from Hair Fact #2 – Human hair is used by groups of eco-friendly volunteers to clean up oil spills.
4) The anticipation of sex makes hair grow faster.
5) The amount of weight an entire head of hair can support is equivalent to 2 elephants, or 2 TONS!
6) All of the hair follicles you’ll ever have were formed when you were a fetus (at 5 months).
7) Hair contains information about everything that has been in your bloodstream: medicine, drugs, minerals, vitamins
8) The only thing that CAN’T be identified by hair is gender.
9) Healthy hair can be stretched up to 30% of it’s length when wet. If hair does not stretch back to it’s original state, it’s lacking protein. If it snaps it is either over proteinized or lacking moisture.
10) The average human sheds about 50-150 strands of hair a day (unless you’re bald, duh).
11) The most common hair color in the world is Black, and the rarest is Red (1% of the population).
12) In 1950, only 5% of women dyed their hair. Now, that number has increased to 75%!
13) If you counted the growth of all the hairs on an average person’s head, in one year it would equate to over 10 miles of hair growth!
14) In a survey collected about the relationship between hair color and personality perception, these were the results:

  • Blonde: flirty, fun
  • Brown: smart, serious
  • Redheads: strong

    15) Hair is the fastest growing tissue on the body – second only to bone marrow!

  • 16) On average, Blondes have the highest amount of hair strands (146,000).
    hair facts17) On average, Redheads have the lowest amount of hair stands (86,000).
    18) On average, people have about 100,000 stands have hair on their head.
    19) Hair cross-sections can be used to determine race and ethnicity:

  • Asian hair: round-shaped

  • European hair: oval-shaped

  • African-American: flat-shaped

  • 20) The first hair products specially formulated for African-American hair were created by Madam CJ Walker. She was also the first African-American woman to become a millionaire.
    21) Black hair is the most common hair color.
    22) Scotland has highest proportion of redheads living in a country (13%), but the United States has the largest quantity of redheads living in a country!
    23) A hair follicle will replace a new strand of hair about 20 times in a lifetime!
    24) A single, healthy strand of hair can withstand about 6.5 pounds.
    hair facts25) A strand of hair is stronger than a copper wire of equivalent diameter.
    26) The only part of hair that is not dead is within the scalp.
    27) The common thought that hair continues to grow after death is a MYTH!
    28) The werewolf legend is believed to have originated from an abnormality called Hirsutism, which causes excess body hair or facial hair to grow in places it is not supposed to.
    29) Hair is composed of the following elements: Carbon (50%), Oxygen (21%) Nitrogen (17%), Hydrogen (6%), Sulphur (5%)
    30) Darker hair tends to have more carbon present than lighter hair.
    31) Hair is one of the most common types of forensic evidence.
    32) Hair can grow on the whole body except for the palms of hands, soles of feet, mucous membranes, eyelids, and lips.
    hair facts33) In Ancient Rome, women used to dye the hair blonde with pigeon dung (ahem, thank you modern day chemistry)!
    34) During the Renaissance Era in Venice, women used to dye their hair blonde with horse urine (again, thank goodness for modern day science).
    25) In Ancient Greece, blonde hair was associated with prostitution.
    26) During the Renaissance Era, it was fashionable for women to pluck their hairlines further back to expose more of their forehead.
    27) The Ancient Greeks believed that redheads would turn into vampires after they died.
    hair facts28) Ancient Egyptians were the first to remove unwanted body hair.
    29) During the Victorian Era, jewelry and lockets were made from the hair of the deceased.
    30) In 1705, Peter the Great instituted a ‘Beard Tax’ in Russia – this was meant to westernize Russian society.
    31) Each hair strand has its own muscle, nerve, and blood supply.
    32) We get goosebumps when we are cold or scared because each muscle for each hair strand contracts, causing the hair to rise.
    33) The average lifespan of an eye lash is 150 days.
    34) The word shampoo is derived from the Hindu-Urdu word, ‘champna’ meaning “to knead” or “to massage.”
    35) A man will spend about 5 months of his life shaving.
    36) If a man never shaved, his beard would grow to over 30 feet in his life time.
    37) On average, women spend about 2 hours a week styling their hair.
    39) It takes only 13 days for grey hair to appear from stress or signs of aging.
    40) The longest female hair was measured at 18 feet and 5.5 inches. Xie Jiuping grew her hair for over 30 years!
    41) Hair remains in the anagen phase (growing stage) from anywhere to 2-6 years.
    42) The determining factor of the amount of time hair is spent in the anagen phase is genetics.
    43) Approximately 90% of hair strands are in the anagen phase, the other 10% are in the catagen and telogen stages.
    44) The anagen phase of body hair much shorter than the hair on the head, thus determining the length of the hair and rapidity of growth.
    hair facts45) Chemotherapy causes the hair to fall out because it is intended to eliminate cells that replicate quickly. Since hair follicle cells grow and divide quickly, they are adversely affected.
    46) Hair can grow back after chemotherapy, but often hair can grow a different color than normal for the first few months.
    47) The scientific term for grey hair is “canities.”
    48) On average, women’s hair is half the diameter of men’s hair
    49) The scientific term for split ends is “Trichoptilosis.”
    50) The harshness of ammonia causes the hair to rise to such an irreversible pH, that the cuticle will often have a hard time closing – causing fading and imminent damage.

    Thursday, June 13, 2013

    Beat the Black & Heat

     More than usual lately, I have been advising my beautiful clients on how to take better care of their skin.
    Having a facial done is a wonderful experience - relaxing, pampering, but why?
    Sometimes the "why" is more unknown than you knew before.

    Bad habits start when we're young, usually because we never accumulated the amount of information, correct information, that we needed to be prepared later in life. I ask my clients different questions, concerning their hair, their life, their skin. And it's always amazing to me when they are oblivious to the very things I take for granted (because I'm a girly girl and I went to school for Cosmetology).
    This photo shows what our skin really looks like. There's a LOT going on, and if we cleanse it properly, enough times, but not TOO much, then our radiant beauty will show through that much more.

    Quick rundown:

    -How often do you wash your face? (Do you wash your face?)
    -What do you use to wash your face?
    -Do you use sunscreen? 
    -Do you use a moisturizer?
    -Do you use a toner?
    -Do you exfoliate?
    -Do you use a weekly mask?
    -What kind if so?
    -How often do you change your pillowcases (yes, this IS important)?
    -How often do you wash your face? (Do you wash your face?) YES, wash your face, twice a day - morning and night.
    -What do you use to wash your face? NOT SOAP - something specific for your type of skin
    -Do you use sunscreen? YES, every single day
    -Do you use a moisturizer? YES, oil free if you have acne prone skin, otherwise one meant for your skin
    -Do you use a toner? YES, bring the pH of your skin back down to where it needs to be (aka close your pores)
    -Do you exfoliate? YES, dead skin isn't glowing
    -Do you use a weekly mask? YES, specific to your skin type
    -What kind if so? specific to your skin type
    -How often do you change your pillowcases (yes, this IS important)? EVERY NIGHT! Use one side, flip it over. Use the other and replace. Your skin repairs itself overnight; you don't want to put your fresh newly washed face on the oil from the night before, do you?

    Tuesday, April 2, 2013

    Beautiful New Product

    It takes a lot to convince me that something is really amazing....but this is it! This product makes your hair feel like silk, without being greasy. What more could you ask for?!

    Enriched with Argan, Maracuja and Brazil Nut oils, Herbal Blend #39 provides complete versatility for conditioning, styling and finishing. Transforms all hair types with breakthrough shine, smoothness, hydration and extreme manageability in a featherweight complex that vanishes into hair without any residue. Adds polish and tames flyaways and frizz. Helps nourish and strengthen hair. Color safe.

    Apply desired amount to damp or dry hair and style as usual for beautifying results.

    Thursday, February 14, 2013

    $aving$ for You and For Them!


    Send your friends, family, coworkers, etc - share the love that you have for your hair! For every new client you refer, you will receive a $10 credit that you can use towards any service at Composure.

    Friday, January 25, 2013

    2013 Hair Trends to Look For

    Braids with a Twist
    We predict an increased demand for beautiful braids- whether it’s simple or intricate, for a wedding or a walk in the park, braids will continue to be a well sought after hairstyle in 2013. Don’t think that every braid has to be perfect; in fact, we think that the idea of the ‘messy braid’ is here to stay!
    2013 Hair Trends

    Pastel Colors
    Be on the lookout for an increased demand in fashion hair colors! This 2013 hair trend is what we would call, “unnatural,” hair colors. We are not just talking a few pieces of bright hair on the ends or face (that’s cool, too!), but look for clients asking for all over fashion colors, especially pastels! The Fashion hair color we predict to be the hottest in 2013 is PURPLE!
    2013 Hair Trends

    Red Hair Color
    This is a style we see continuing into 2013, as being a redhead certainly does turn heads! Look for all types of red hair color demands, as we see many individuals asking for fashion reds, copper reds, fiery reds, and maybe a mixture of all three! Overall, we are seeing a return to vintage style and trends of the 1930s, 60s, and more as we further observe 2013 hair trends, colors, and styles.
    2013 Hair Trends

    Vintage Curls and Waves
    We said previously a return to vintage hairstyles is on the way, and we meant it! This look is elegant, classic, and is making a strong trend upward. What’s even better? This look can be glammed up for a beautiful wedding hair do or made casual with a headband or scarf! And personally, we’ve been waiting for pin curls to make their comeback!
    2013 Hair Trends

    Bangin' Bangs!
    Maybe you're a bit more on the conservative side, and are not quite ready to be completely bold in 2013 – and that’s okay, we can still try a new hair trend, like bangs! The demand for bangs, both soft and edgy, will continue to be on the rise. Allow us to help you choose the right bangs by having us take a look at your facial features – helping to decide which of your features you want to enhance, and what you wish to hide!
    2013 Hair Trends

    Short Edgy Cuts
    While there will still be plenty of ladies growing out their locks to rock those highly soft after beach waves, but we predict a sharp increase in the amount of short hairstyles present in 2013. Whether it’s a hard rocker look like, Miley Cyrus, or a softer Michelle Williams/Ann Hathaway-type look, be prepared to whip out those thinning shears! P.S. Those quiffs aren’t going anywhere!
    2013 Hair Trends

    Sleek, Smooth, Long Hair with Deep Side or Middle Parts
    While voluptuous curls will no doubt still hold interest, we see another flashback to the late 60s, early 70s upon us! Headbands already made their comeback, of course this long hair trend look was to follow. Think long, sleek, sexy hair paired with a deep side part, middle part, or bangs!
    2013 Hair Trends

    Sandy, Smoky, Mink-like Hair Shades
    Ok, doll. We said it before, but we’ll say it again – Vintage hairstyles are in! This isn’t just limited to a haircut, but those soft sandy hair colors are going to be requested in your salon countless times in 2013. Get ready to break out those ashes, and gray and silver concentrate, this is a new hair trend that’ll have your clients looking like natural beauties!
    2013 Hair Trends

    Alright, most of us by now know of the popular hair color trend, Ombré. No matter how overdone you feel this look is, we predict it is here to stay in 2013. With so many various options out there for Ombré, this hair trend can still be fun and different!
    2013 Hair Trends
    Pompadours and Quiffs
    This unisex hairstyle will continue to be all the rage in 2013 – men and women alike will be demanding this in your salon’s chair as this is another hairstyle that will be making its comeback. Look for different hair style modifications
    2013 Hair Trends