Monday, August 24, 2015

Organic Products - Why? Do They Work?

Let's take something we all intake daily. Food.
Organic food verus conventional food - we all understand the difference between putting dangerous chemical covered food in our mouth versus food that was grown with 'safe' treatments? Haven't heard about this? Research more here and here.

 " ...the amount of man-made pesticide residues found in conventional foods is still well below the level that the Environmental Protection Agency has deemed unsafe. The real issue is whether these small doses, over years and decades, might add up to an increased health risk down the line.

 "Is it going to make a difference? I don't know," says Reganold, professor of soil science at Washington State University in Pullman, Wash. "But it's something to think about, and we're the guinea pigs." "

Your skin, your scalp, your hair, your face - 
organic beauty.

I began searching for an alternative to the 'standard beauty industry' for hair color a few years ago, due to a painful personal reaction. Nothing in town would work, because the 'eco-friendly' brands we were trying, still seemed very toxic.
In the beginning, I used Organic Color Systems and have recently brought in multiple new lines, including a Certified Organic Natulique - ECOCERT Certified.

 Between the issues with our Tulsa water's ammonia/chloramine mixture and the extra warmth caused by the dryer and OSC's formulations, my blondes were not as true to color as I would have liked. So... I set out, once again to find an improved product.

 Voila - ask and you shall receive. Education and new product = beautiful blonde and 100% grey coverage.

 Here at Composure, if something is not working, we look for new alternatives. Different product, different approach, different method. Natulique's testimonial page.

Being Conscious
Are you aware that most conventional personal care products, especially shampoos and skin care lotions, contain harmful synthetic chemicals like sodium lauryl and laureth sulfates, propylene glycol, and paraben preservative systems?
These chemicals can build up over time and clog pores, leading to the loss of oxygen, ultimately causing skin irritations and allergies.

NATULIQUE Certified Organic is the first true full-line brand in the market that offers hair and skin products that are organic, cruelty free, DEA free, sulphate free, perfume free, parabene free (a toxin/toxic pesticide); widely used ingredients that increases the risk of allergies, cancer and hormone disturbances which could lead to infertility in men and women.
The NATULIQUE product range is continuously being expanded for the benefit of men, women, children and advanced stylists.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Memorial Day Luscious Locks Treatment

Growing your hair out? Of course - we all are. :)

Keep it healthy so the ends don't split with our Memorial Day Weekend Special!

"Royal Treatment" - courtesy of Briana, our Stylist Specialist.

Paraffin dip hands, Aromatheraphy scalp massage, thorough scalp washing with the right Prive product selected for your hair, followed by a custmized masque, hand massage, sealing conditioner with cool rinse for only -  20

Add on a mini man-icure  4
Add on a blowdry style  18

Keep it classy, sexy, styling.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Briana's Birthday Celebration!

Briana White is our Styling Specialist here at Composure. With years of braiding, blowdrying, flat ironing, she creating runway looks with hair extensions, pieces, and wigs. Briana has been with us at Composure for almost a year and it was recently her birthday. She talked about nothing but the local Tulsa bakery Ann's and the chocolate cake that was looking forward to - So SURPRISE!

Selfie Time!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Ten Understated Qualities of BEAUTY

From Modern Salon:
In the professional salon and spa world we are, for good reasons, caught up with beauty. It is our livelihood, but also our way of making others feel better about themselves. Whether it is from a fresh color or cut, enhancing make up, beautiful nails or a great facial, PROFESSIONAL beauty is important. While beauty comes in all shapes and sizes (and genders), this article focuses on women.
What qualities truly define a beautiful woman? MODERN is sharing this list from Dr. Sherrie Campbell, a veteran, licensed Psychologist with two decades of clinical training and experience providing counseling and psychotherapy services to children and adults from all walks of life. She believes the kindness of your character says more about you than what you see in the mirror. Dr. Sherrie is the author of the book, Loving Yourself: The Mastery of Being Your Own Person and shares her ten understated qualities of a truly beautiful woman, who adds "To be beautiful inside and out, you must possess more than a pretty shell."
1. Elegance: Elegance is that dignified grace about your appearance, movement, personal style or behavior. To be elegant is to be strong and assured in who you are and to move gently within that energy.
When you possess elegance you are graceful even amidst a challenge. You are able to handle yourself in a noble and ethical manner. You hold good posture, your energy has a mystery, softness, strength and cleverness to it. You are vulnerable yet self-assured.
Elegance is the undeniable quality of the depth of your personal wisdom.
2. Kindness: The kindness of your spirit, how you treat, think about, and speak to others comes from a genuine and sensitive place. You are kind, even to those whom you do not care for. You are aware that you can love someone even if you do not like them.
Being kind may be perceived as weakness or vulnerability by others, but you know that kindness is one of your strongest influences. If you can’t say something nice, you have the control to remain quiet.
There is no other human quality that will get you further in life than kindness.
3. Composure: Composure is the beauty of self-control. Life is always going to bring its challenges. Without a sense of composure it is easy to allow conflict-situations and relationships to unnerve you, but when you have composure you understand the concept of less equals more.
The less you react, defend, explain, become fearful or controlling the more command you have over a situation. Having composure allows you to stand tall with grace in the face of loss, challenge and also not to be overly boastful when it comes to your success.
Composure allows you maintain a certain stillness in the face of life’s changes.
4. Courage: Be willing to dare greatly in your life. It takes courage to love fully, to change yourself when necessary, to feel deeply, to leave love when it’s scary and to chase your dreams with passion and an unwavering tenacity.
You are aware that to become courageous you must do courageous things. You also know it is not loudness of your mouth but the depth of your character, to keep going no matter your circumstances, which makes you thrive.
5. Confident: When you are self-loving you naturally possess a quiet confidence. Your self-awareness, dedication to self-development and personal growth provides you the knowledge to succeed at nearly anything you seek.
Because of your life experiences and inner depth, you can be certain positive things will happen in your life because you depend upon yourself to have the information and willingness to do the work necessary to get to your result.
6. Deliberate: You are clear and persistent about who you are, where you are headed in life and what you want from your relationships to be happy. In being deliberate people know where they stand with you. You get what you want in life because you are clear in saying what you want. 
You use each challenge life brings to positively refine yourself. This refinement keeps your life clean of negativity. Being deliberate keeps you pointed in the direction of your dreams, connected to your true loves and to living genuinely as who you are. 
In being deliberate your life is not set up on pretenses. Who you are does not change from person to person or situation to situation.
7. Intelligent: Intelligence is about knowledge, but even more so about emotions. In being aware of your emotional patterns you are endowed with the flexibility to handle challenge and change, allowing you to unlock smart solutions to your problems.
With a well-rounded intelligence you carry yourself in a stately and unafraid manner. You are secure that there are a multitude of choices available, so there is no need to be reactive. In being emotionally grounded you have the ability to keep your eyes on the bigger picture turning obstacles into opportunities.
8. Humble: Life isn’t all about you, in fact, you prefer to celebrate the accomplishments of others as much as your own. You are proud of who you are but have no need to add histrionics to your success.  Most of the time you prefer being in the background, working hard and allowing your success speak for itself.
You are sensitive and want the best for everyone. You do not see yourself above others as you are secure enough in yourself that the trap of comparison doesn’t interest you. You enjoy your life for what it is and do not feel entitled to more without the commensurate work to back it up.
9. Honest: People gravitate towards what is real. You are simple, upfront, gentle, but direct in the ‘being’ of who you are. You are content to live life patiently and know how to wait well. For you life is about being authentic and following your heart and nothing else.
You are someone others can depend upon as you have no ulterior motives. You are relationship oriented not agenda oriented. You believe the truth is the only path to success and deep intimacy. You do change who you are based on who you are with. You are who you are and your priority in life is to feel happy and satisfied.
 10. Loving: There is nothing more appealing to others than to be in the presence of a loving person. When you love yourself you have endless love to give. For you love is a verb and it is expresses itself through loving kindness, touch, your smile and sense of inner joy and vitality.
You are warm towards others and kind to yourself. There is nothing you wouldn’t do to help and this loving approach is taken into every area of your life from career to parenting. Further, you apply love as a form of discipline and setting boundaries when necessary. There are times when the only way another can learn and grow is for you to either have to withdrawal your love, or to set boundaries around it, in an effort to protect your generous nature. Love is not just a gentle emotion, it is also firm. You know that in order for you to remain loving you must protect your heart and put yourself first in negative situations.
Through life’s experiences you have come to learn that some people can stay in your heart, but not in your life.
To be truly beautiful, it is these understated qualities of beauty which are sustaining. To possess any of these will increase your beauty exponentially. Who you are internally is the marker of your impact on the world.
Sherapy Advice: Let the kindness of your character say more about you than what you see in the mirror.

Monday, March 30, 2015

2015 Spring Hair Color Trends

Before you reach for dye this spring, make sure you’re up to date with the latest in Spring color!
As always, lighter tones are the go to look this Spring. Blonde is back, and this season it’s lighter than ever. Ice white and platinum shades have made a comeback, and were heavily featured in New York’s Spring Fashion week in 2014.
If you’re not ready for a drastically lighter look this Spring, a darker honey blonde tone may be the perfect accompaniment for that lighter wardrobe and sun-kissed skin. Ombre is a thing of the past, but balayage is definitely in this season, with multi-colored blonde being the preferred style. A perfect color can be achieved with dark blonde undertones and a collection of perfectly blended highlights and lowlights.
While honey blonde hues and platinum shades may be an amazing compliment to your sun-kissed skin, warmer blonde tones are the go to look for those with a fair complexion. If drastic change isn’t your cup of tea, then why not come out of winter feeling brighter with a few uneven subtle highlights. Breathe some life into your mousey undertones this spring with a range of highlights and lowlights. Red undertones can also benefit from some blonde highlights.
With all this blonde talk, we must not neglect our dark haired sisters. Darkening your hair can actually be very beneficial if looking to enhance the health and shine of your luscious locks. Red based browns are out and proud this Spring, giving a striking illusion of body and warmth.
The hair color trends of Spring 2015 offer something perfect for every complexion, so kick those winter blues, reach for the dye and get creative this season!

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Still Loving The Braids on St. Patrick's Day 2015!

St Patrick's falls on a Tuesday this year. Who's going to have a cute do for the out and about in Tulsa? 

There is Fitness at The Fly Loft, Arnie's Bar Celebration, McNellies, Kilkenny's, Woody's, & Legends. I'm not saying you should go do anything (except maybe advocating for the Fly Loft!!!) but you CAN if you want.   

Briana with her awesome fingers is going to be doing braided styles for $15*

Luxuries Braid Beauty for $30*
(includes relaxing scalp massage, shampoo, deep conditioning treatment, paraffin hand dip and hand massage and braided style)

*Extra for hot tools style

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

New Services for Hands!

Now available for women too! Keeping it simple, clean and classy at Composure.

We've had requests and are expanding our services. With our Executive Experience we do a Man-icure and our ladies have been requesting a little shape up as well. 

$4 add-on to your haircut, no polish. 

Trim/file nail, remove excess cuticle, buff, moisturize. Book online here. (Choose Book Package & then "Simple Clean Hands") And.....

Winter is here and our skin is dry!
~~Has your scalp been flaking too? (CONDITIONER!!!) ~~~

 Our gentlemen have also been requesting what our women have been getting - hand massages! As a hairstylist and fitness dancer, it's hard to not develop carpal tunnel. So, my wonderful doctor and friend Dr. Zoe Smotherman introduced me to OMT work. And we by no means, are a doctor, BUT releasing tension in hands that are in constant use is so beautifully amazing. So come sit, relax and let Briana & Caitlyn work their magic!
Paraffin wax seals in the moisture and..... is a common option in heat therapy treatments for people with arthritis or other rheumatic diseases. The heat helps increase blood flow and relax the muscles, which can help relieve caused by arthritis, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. Paraffin wax can even soften hardened skin caused by scleroderma, a disease in which collagen accumulates on the body. It also increases the skin's elasticity, allowing for increased movement and mobility, especially on the skin covering the hands.
But the benefits of paraffin wax don't stop there. Because paraffin wax treatments are a form of heat therapy, they're often used for muscle, tendon and ligament ailments. As with conditions like arthritis, they increase blood flow, improve joint stiffness and reduce pain. They're also used to treat bursitis, tendonitis, sprains and pulled muscles.

$2/add on