Sunday, September 23, 2012

I Need a Clutch

A few weeks ago, my car was not shifting correctly. I was driving about an hour outside of Tulsa, and felt my clutch hit the floor on my standard transmission. "Uh oh...." I thought to myself. This is not going to be a great way to attempt to make it back to my house, at least not safely. I immediately called my dad, followed by a mechanic to get a price quote on a new clutch. My clutch hit the floor and I can't shift, and so this is what I need to replace, right?

 No. I ended up saving hundreds of dollars by replacing what NEEDED to be replaced, but it was not what I thought.

 What is the point of this story? Look at the photos below.

 My initial phone call with Tara resulted in booking a spot for a foil and cut. She came into the salon and requested low lights, because she felt she was "too blonde". After describing to me her goal of wanting to be her natural color with blonde throughout softly, and also being 7 months pregnant with twins (aka knowing she would want low maintenance) we did a color correction instead resulting in a soft light brown color with medium blonde and light blonde highlights woven throughout.

 Sometimes, we don't always know what we need. Sometimes, we need a professional to help us to fix our problem even though we may not have the right words to describe what we think we want or need. 

Come sit. Let us look. Let us help.