Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter~Wonderland Photo Opportunity

Sarah Adams of Yellow Chair Photography has decided to take advantage of the beautiful snow and is offering Winter Wonderland Mini Sessions in the Snow!

For only $199, you will receive a 30 minute Mini Session and a proof CD containing 10 professionally edited images.

Please contact her for more information or to book your own Winter Wonderland Session. or 918-381-4941

Snow & Ice...& Hat Hair Too!


Weather tends to scare more than just a few people, but I am SO PROUD of Tulsa for the first time in 3 winters this year. They have informed people about the weather AHEAD of time, 3-4 days in fact! It never fails to surprise me how much Oklahoma people (sorry guys) are afraid of the weather.

Ihloff Salon & Day Spa is open though. I worked last night, Thursday with the ice drizzle, I'm here today for the snow, and I'm sure I'll be here tomorrow. Last night I had a brave trooper and today there are some more of us 'die hard' hair has to be done gals and guys! So busy time and nice and warm INSIDE the salon. There are a few places for tomorrow, and I know you'll be tired of the kids running around, so come on in for some of your own beauty time.

Hair for the weather - hats are perfect for this time of year!


Even if your hair is not perfect, and you know that the weather is going to be part of the problem. Wind, snow, ice, rain - even with the best products and strongest hairspray, you might as well give a little. So it's alright to just invest in a few cute hats to help along the way.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

W.E. Love You Man

I took this class January 11th at the Crown Plaza in downtown Tulsa. William Edge from New Braunfels, Texas came in to teach this one day event. I had high hopes going into it, and it was of no disappointment for sure!
He started off having us take our shears out, to see if we were even using our current tools correctly. And of course, we all get into our bad habits and settle for incorrect technique. So it was nice to be reminded of that. Then we talked about razors and how feather razors are horrible razors to use to cut hair, which of course, is what 95% of what most stylists use (myself included, until I get my new one). We think that it will help to protect us from ourselves and protect our clients as well, but in reality, with all that ‘protection’ it’s not doing the hair much good either in cutting. We talked about the different parts of the razor and when you’re cutting to the right you should use the toe and when going to the left, the heel of the razor. And no potato peeling!
I really enjoyed perfecting longer men’s haircuts. Most stylists have problems with longer, shaggy styles because they are used to cutting women’s hair. Guys hair = strength, corners, weight. You don’t want to layer it so much, because it can become too feminine by removing all the weight near the parietal ridge. (To my dearest clients – you aren’t supposed to know what this means – it’s stylist’ talk!)
I also learned about a new shear technique. By pairing your texturizing and regular shears in one hand (texturizing closer to the scalp) you can move through men’s shorter haircuts with less time and a really awesome look! I just need to get my shear man called and put my order in for a new tools.
Oh, and last but not least – I finally did a 0 (skin) to a fade again! (Military style) I remember the very first haircut I did when I was very first out of beauty school was that one, but at Ihloff, we typically, don’t get the military men. They have to have their hair cut far too often and most don’t feel comfortable coming to a salon like ours. BUT – I can do it even better now than before!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Upcoming MEN'S Trends

What is in for the New Year? 2010 sees men's hair styles fall into two distinct categories: school boy and rocker. While the rocker look is certainly a 20th Century creation, the resulting hair style finds its roots distinctly in 19th Century Britain. While some of the runway collection featured something very similar to 80's grunge revival, the majority of us will live out 2010 with a refined, classically inspired haircut.

The Fringe

Continuing on from last year's men's hair trends, the men's fringe remains a major feature in 2010. But, of course, this trend has evolved. While the men's fringe in 2009 was all about close-to-eyebrow length, in 2010 we have different options.

Thankfully, the men's fringe trend in 2010 comes in a variety of lengths, so maximizing your favorite features can be done. While the back and sides will be shorter, the way of personalizing the style is to play with the length of the fringe itself.


And Styling
Whether you take a straightening iron to your hair or enjoy naturally straight hair, the men's fringe trend in 2010 is all about texture. I'm not talking about afro-inducing curls but light, layered detail.

A textured hair style, with longer fringe, is the 2010 incarnation of the 'Caesar cut', named after the hair style Roman dictator, Julius Caesar who is frequently shown wearing his hair in a similar fashion. While cut to bring hair from the temples and crown towards the forehead, the overall effect depends largely on using a matte wax or pomade to create the rugged texture and is quite akin to something sported by men in the Regency era.


The Slick Back

Though he's given his name to an incarnation of the previously mentioned fringe hair trend, actor George Clooney has been an influence of another of 2010's hair style trends for men: the slick back.

In being a part of 2010 hair trends, the slick back drives home one major point: men's hair styles in 2010 are all about the classics. In fact, this style may actually be a little too classic for most men.

The Breakdown:
If you're after the slick back look there's one important thing to first consider: texture. Is your hair wavy or straight - from there on, it's easy.

Guys with straight hair: stick to a longer cut on top.
Guys with wavy hair
: go for short hair on top, perhaps a few inches in length depending on the strength of your wave.

For both straight haired and wavy haired men: short on the sides.

And for those who have neither straight nor wavy hair? Consult your stylist(Me!). You're going to have a real time getting the slick back hair style with curly hair, and unless you're willing to dedicate vast amounts of time each morning to your hair you might want to seek a chemical curl relaxer.

And Now Styling:
Looking at it, you already know it's not going to take a lot of effort to style the slick back (provided your hair is suitable, and cut appropriately). Using the right product, if you're after a classic wet look is especially important. But the real trick is to make sure that the side you choose to slick the hair back towards, actually suits your face. Try both ways, and don't forget that your mirror doesn't show your true image.

The other major choice is whether to add a part or not. Clooney wears it with one, but it's up to you.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Oval Is Most Versatile


If you have an oval face shape, stop for a second and thank your parents. You've landed the most versatile face shape. You can wear almost any hairstyle. The oval face is mathematically 1.5 times as long as its width, with the forehead slightly wider than the jaw.

No matter the length of your cut, you'll look best with layers near your cheekbones, lips or chin; your best feature is the one you want to highlight.

-Add volume to the top of head to keep your face looking thinner.
-Stay away from dated hairstyles. If you haven't changed your style in a decade, find a new photo and get your hair cut. A bad hairstyle can age you by 10 years.
-If you are quirky, try out a funky hair cut and color. But if you're a busy mom, cut your hair so it's stylish, yet doesn't require a lot of styling. Make sure your hairstyle suits your personality and your lifestyle.

-Stay away from a spiky and short topside. Avoid width or volume on sides.
-Don't fight your natural hair texture.
-You can straighten curly hair, but it takes time and money. Why not invest in a good haircut instead?
-If you have super thin hair, don't try to grow your hair beyond your shoulders without the help of extensions, your hair will be lifeless and flat, no matter how much product you put in it. Instead, cut in layers and keep the length above your shoulders.


Dandelion Network Connection

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Pear Is Not Just A Fruit!


Pear shaped faces are considered rare along with the diamond and triangular shapes. Pear shaped faces traditionally have a narrow forehead and wide chin.

This face shape can be balanced with styles that add width to the chin area and minimize the forehead. Styles that can be brushed off the face are often a good choice. Avoid adding curls or waves that will widen the jaw or chin line.

Ideas to try:
Expose your forehead. Not only does this draw attention upward and away from a full jaw line, it also looks exceptionally flattering. Try pushing the hair back with a stylish headband or use a clip to hold bangs that are growing out in place.
Tuck your hair behind your ears. If your hair is on the longer side, tuck one side behind your ear to slim and elongate the cheekbones. Ideally, individuals with pear-shaped faces should avoid hair longer than the neckline (it accentuates the jaw's width).

And then to avoid -
Avoid excessive waves or curls. These tend to widen the chin and jaw lines.
Avoid hair that is all one length and opt instead for a layered cut.
Avoid parting hair in the center .