Tuesday, January 26, 2010

W.E. Love You Man

I took this class January 11th at the Crown Plaza in downtown Tulsa. William Edge from New Braunfels, Texas came in to teach this one day event. I had high hopes going into it, and it was of no disappointment for sure!
He started off having us take our shears out, to see if we were even using our current tools correctly. And of course, we all get into our bad habits and settle for incorrect technique. So it was nice to be reminded of that. Then we talked about razors and how feather razors are horrible razors to use to cut hair, which of course, is what 95% of what most stylists use (myself included, until I get my new one). We think that it will help to protect us from ourselves and protect our clients as well, but in reality, with all that ‘protection’ it’s not doing the hair much good either in cutting. We talked about the different parts of the razor and when you’re cutting to the right you should use the toe and when going to the left, the heel of the razor. And no potato peeling!
I really enjoyed perfecting longer men’s haircuts. Most stylists have problems with longer, shaggy styles because they are used to cutting women’s hair. Guys hair = strength, corners, weight. You don’t want to layer it so much, because it can become too feminine by removing all the weight near the parietal ridge. (To my dearest clients – you aren’t supposed to know what this means – it’s stylist’ talk!)
I also learned about a new shear technique. By pairing your texturizing and regular shears in one hand (texturizing closer to the scalp) you can move through men’s shorter haircuts with less time and a really awesome look! I just need to get my shear man called and put my order in for a new tools.
Oh, and last but not least – I finally did a 0 (skin) to a fade again! (Military style) I remember the very first haircut I did when I was very first out of beauty school was that one, but at Ihloff, we typically, don’t get the military men. They have to have their hair cut far too often and most don’t feel comfortable coming to a salon like ours. BUT – I can do it even better now than before!

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