Friday, January 1, 2010

Pear Is Not Just A Fruit!


Pear shaped faces are considered rare along with the diamond and triangular shapes. Pear shaped faces traditionally have a narrow forehead and wide chin.

This face shape can be balanced with styles that add width to the chin area and minimize the forehead. Styles that can be brushed off the face are often a good choice. Avoid adding curls or waves that will widen the jaw or chin line.

Ideas to try:
Expose your forehead. Not only does this draw attention upward and away from a full jaw line, it also looks exceptionally flattering. Try pushing the hair back with a stylish headband or use a clip to hold bangs that are growing out in place.
Tuck your hair behind your ears. If your hair is on the longer side, tuck one side behind your ear to slim and elongate the cheekbones. Ideally, individuals with pear-shaped faces should avoid hair longer than the neckline (it accentuates the jaw's width).

And then to avoid -
Avoid excessive waves or curls. These tend to widen the chin and jaw lines.
Avoid hair that is all one length and opt instead for a layered cut.
Avoid parting hair in the center .


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