Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December's Promotion

Since this month is all about the best deals - treat yourself too!

With a purchase of one Prive product, receive 20% off your second style product, & even 30% off your third styling product!

My personal favorites

For men - extended texture clay
For straight hair - relaxing gel
For volume - root amplifier
For fine hair - volumizing froth
For hold - depends on the strength desired; the hairsprays are all awesome!

Monday, November 29, 2010

I Want My Hair Long NOW!

Does this look like you? Perhaps you think that if you just tug on it a little bit more, you can make it longer right?

Nope. That won't work, sorry!

Hair typically grows, on average about 1/2" inch per month. Usually a bit more in the summer, a little less in the winter. Can you get it to actually GROW faster? Doubt it. You can take vitamins, exercise, do everything right to get your blood moving to increase scalp stimulation and nourishment, but it has a limit on speed.

What CAN you do then? Take care of the hair that's already reached the surface.


#1. STOP washing it every single day!

#2. Use good shampoo & conditioner so you don't strip out the essential oils and keep the strength and moisture levels appropriate.

#3. Limit your hot tool use. If you blow it dry after you shampoo it, try not to flat iron it as well. That will help you save time, save your hair, and allow you to go longer between shampoos.

#4. Trim the ends. When someone tells me they're growing their hair out, the LAST thing I want to do is cut it all off. I know how difficult and how much of a struggle it is to do this, so baby trim is what's needed to keep the split ends from affecting the rest of your hair.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Prive Education Class

Jenny Rey from Miami (for a look at Prive salons click here) came into Tulsa on Monday to teach me a little bit more about Prive's product line and instruct a cutting class.

I have been using the Prive product line since the end of July and definitely have a few favorites and had more than a few questions. I know there are some products that I just automatically reach for and others that I'm just....not as crazy about. Typically, because I don't know what to do with them, but isn't that what we do with the unknown? Shy away? Not anymore!

First, we just chatted about business, salon, and a few of my personal questions about the company, the different products and just girl talk. My model, Nina, came in about an hour after Jenny arrived, just giving us long enough to chat beforehand.

Jenny cut her hair dry, showing me some new ways to thin out her hair and texturize her layers. Nina had a very concave haircut at first, but with a little reshaping and no length off the bottom at all - a very cute, sassy, sexy look was established!

Nina, I found randomly in a coffeeshop and had moved here from Brooklyn and now works as a massage therapist off of Brookside. She was super happy with her new hair, and the salon, and with me, and she promises that she'll return before a year for her next trim. In fact, I think I have her booked for right before Christmas, that way she'll be all fresh and fancy for her family this year!

I'm looking forward to doing a little more experimenting with hair, products, and techniques in the weeks to come. You never know what little tidbits you'll pick up, even from the girls in Miami!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November's Promotion

For those of you that are a little tired of the same hairstyle - long, short, wavy, curly - all of it, this promotion might be just what you need.

With any color service (foil, color, foil with color) receive 50% off your style and 10% off any Prive product purchase.

Let's richen up some color before the holidays ~ it's picture taking time!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Things Every Client Should Know

From the stylist to the client, just a few things to keep in mind ~

Communicate - probably the most important step in the consultation. If you think they know best, then simply explain to them any issues you're having or w
hat you are liking and what you're wanting to change or not.
If you have problems expressing yourself, bring a photograph.
A photo of a style on another person is acceptable, but remember - your hair may not be as long, thick, curly, wavy, straight, etc - therefore, that style may require additional steps that you need to be willing to take if you want to maintain it.
A photo of yourself if preferred because then you've already know what you're getting into, and that it will work for you.
Now - about the photo. A tiny little picture on your phone is not going to work, especially if it was taken while you were driving down the road and it's all fuzzy and dark. It's one thing if you we can zoom up to the photo so I can see exactly where it falls length-wise or how the layers are, but the best option is to have at least a little 3X5 or 4X6 real picture.
Remember - this is YOUR hair. I'm not the one that has to wear it for the next 6 weeks, 2 months, or actually EVER. I'm not the one that's going to have to style it everyday, so keep in mind that what we do here in the salon, to have that look everyday, you're going to have to take the same steps, use the same products and maintain the color/cut to ensure the everyday wear.

Speak up - Because it is your hair, if something is not going the way you think it should, ask. Questions are great because it helps you to understand the process of what's going on. Some people don't care, but others like to be involved. If something doesn't look the way you think it should, tell me before you leave the salon. I can explain why I took the steps I did and what you should expect in the next few weeks if there was a dramatic change (this is geared more towards those who color their hair, specifically color corrections).

Friends, family, coworkers, boyfriends, kids, etc. - if they come, that's fine. For the most part, everything still goes according to plan. The problem arises if the client is too busy conversing with them and not with the stylist, and therefore - not communicating. When you're with your stylist, you're paying for a time spot, and if you're not "there", that's your mistake. The most important thing to ensure you get what you want is communication, so you want to make sure there's no barriers.

"Paying for a time spot" - I and most other stylists I know work by appointment. What does that mean? That means that if you have requested to come see me for, we'll say a foil and cut, I have reserved a time for at 9AM for about 2.5 - 3 hours, and you may be the only person I'm seeing, unless there's someone while you were processing. If you cancel at the last minute, the chances that I'm going to fill that at a 20 minute notice, or worse, no notice, are very slim. I know conflicts arise in everyone's schedules from time to time, even for myself they do. But the farther in advance that you can give notice about needing to reschedule the better. Plus, the sooner you know, the easier it will be to change your appointment, specifically because then the time spot you want, hopefully won't already be booked.
Also, arriving on time is always better. I have a more flexible booking system now, but it's still much less stressful and less hurried if the day's schedule goes according to plan. Once again, I know traffic and construction and LIFE happens, and 2, 3, 5, even 10 minutes isn't THAT big of a deal; but it's still less stressful to you and to me for you to allow that extra 5 minutes for the commute.

Clean hair - dirty hair is better and much easier to foil. If you've been with me for any length of time, I'm sure by now you're only washing your hair every other day, and hopefully even less than that. If you're coming in, DON'T wash your hair! I know accidents happen, and we are creatures of habit, so we follow patterns. Jump in shower, get hair wet, grab shampoo bottle. STOP! Think - wait, haircut/color day - put the bottle back down. Good job, step away now, slowly, slowly....

Why can't I get my hair to look like how you do it? I hear that complaint a lot. My first question is always - well, what are you using at home? What kind of shampoo, conditioner? Do you put any leave in treatment on, if it's dry? What do you blowdry with? Aussie, no, nothing? Yep...I can tell you EXACTLY why your hair doesn't look like you want it to at home.
Part of the reason I left Ihloff was because I didn't want to be a "saleperson" anymore. If someone wanted to take something home, and they were going to use it, fine. If not, whatever, their choice. And that's still how I feel, I have an awesome line that I love (Prive), and I can educate you, show you how to use it, and you will get results, but ultimately, it's your choice.

These few pieces of information I've chosen to share with you are not just for me as an individual hairstylist, but these are good to take to almost any business you're dealing with - your dentist, eye doctor, interior designer, chef - everyone is trained in a specific area and that's why we've chosen that career path. If my muffler breaks, now I'll ask my boyfriend, but before I wouldn't even look at it - the car went to the mechanic. Sure, I'd ask questions and try to understand what was going on, but I put my trust in them. Sometimes, that's easiest, as long as you communicate your needs and wants first.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The New Step In Coloring ~ The Mercedes

"My hair isn't shiny"
" I don't like the texture"
"It's just boring"

"I don't know what to do!"

I hear these comments every now and again, even from some of my long standing clients. When this happenings, it's definitely time for a change.
Sometimes it's something simple: add layers. Add bangs. Add a semi permanent color. Maybe add a few highlights. Maybe an all over richer color close to your normal color.
But what if you already have layers, don't want bangs, and have highlights? This situation came up Friday afternoon in the salon, and sometimes you just have to step up and suggest a new service instead.

"Instead of just highlighting it, we need to do an all over color and THEN highlight it. That way, there is 0% of natural color and gray showing and it just brightens EVERYTHING up."

A little hesitant, but considering the fact that I'm the professional one and this was my suggestion, she went for it. I've had this situation with a few of my blondes this past summer, and this has really helped them reach through to the 'next stage'.

(An example of foil with color)

Some foils, some empty color bowls, a few inches of hair on the floor, and AMAZING! It completely opened up her face and there was no gray showing, the ends looked so much better from getting a good healthy trim, and the light was just bouncing off her hair, it was so shiny. It felt soft and in great condition. I sent her home with some of the Prive reparative shampoo and conditioner, and told her that next time she was in the salon it wouldn't take quite as much time because we would simply color her regrowth the next time.

Foil with color takes more time and color, so the first time it's a little pricier. But the return visit is simply a color, which is even less than a highlight. So if you do the math, between the two visits, you're actually spending less than if you highlighted it both times and it looks so MUCH better!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sharon's Before & After Makeover!

Sean has been coming to see me for a while now, before I left Ihloff. I reminded him that I not only do men's hair, but women's as well, and was curious why his wife had not been in to see me. Sure enough, she called and we went back and forth over times (3 kids and a husband that works makes it difficult), but I happened to have a cancellation for that very evening, so she came by that evening.

First glance - wow. Hair time. The summer sun and chemical treatments had left her ends much blonder and processed than the rest and then of course, that pesky color that reminds us of our age. We talked and decided that since it was the beginning of fall, we were going to take her a little darker, a little richer, warmer and trim up her layers and just all over - make it look healthier.

A few hours later, with the right color, great haircut, and a little help from products and blow drying....we have a smile! She looks AWESOME!

She came back in the salon actually on Saturday, this time with all 3 kids and husband in tow. It was time for the kid's haircuts too! Her youngest, Nicole, it was her first one ever. So super's great when you get to help make the whole family feel better!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October's Promotion

For those of you that haven't tried waxing at the new salon - it's time to really open your eyes!

This month only, when you richen/brighten up your hair color, you will receive 50% off your waxing service.

To schedule - please call 918.510.6543 to reserve your appointment time.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Weekend Promotion

This weekend only - 25% off any hair service. I have a 12PM today & some flexibility tomorrow - let me know if I can reserve this deal for you!

918.510.6543 or e-mail me at

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

An Additional Service

One of the great things about getting the opportunity to go out on my own, has allowed me to also expand my service list to include waxing! The above picture is actually using hard wax (what I prefer) and it works very well. No sticky residue to worry about and you don't have to heat the wax up too warm, so it prevents anyone from also getting burned.
Waxing is such a great 'face opener'. It's really amazing how much brighter someone's eyes can be and if the person wears makeup, how much cleaner the application is them. Personally, I think that having well groomed or 'clean' eyebrows just adds that final little touch to really polish up your appearance.
It takes just a few minutes, and you can make a separate appointment or we can do it with your hair appointment.

Pricing -
$13 for lip/eyebrow
$20 for lip & eyebrow

Because there is not adequate privacy, these are the only areas that I'm willing to do in the salon for the moment.

Monday, September 13, 2010

September's Promotion

With any chemical service (color, foil) you will receive 10% off of any Prive product you purchase on this month's visit to the salon.

Be sure to call ahead to reserve your time and we'll discuss the new fall trends and colors!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Simply Keeping It Real

I am a very strong believer that the people you meet in life are for a reason (yes, this is the hippie chick in me coming out). Good or bad, there is some purpose that they have come into your life, something that you're either supposed to learn or a path your supposed to continue towards or even avoid at times.

I know that I have made some pretty silly mistakes in my life, and to be completely honest - they've usually happened when I have either not consulted with the people in my life I respect or asked questions, and then learned the hard way.
I think that with where I am right now in my life, and the goals I've accomplished, has so much to do with the wonderful people that I get to interact with on a daily basis. Almost all my clients are older than I am, have had more experiences - either with men, children, school, work, just life in general. And when I have a problem or a question, I have the opportunity to ask. They get the chance to share and teach, and I get to not make stupid mistakes! (Which I love!)

A lot of my lovely clients can attest to being questioned about relationships and men and how to react to what they do, act, and prefer. I take this advice quite seriously and incorporate it into my life and way of being in most cases. It helps me to realize that there are really strong, successful women out there that have their life together, and have a happy family life. When you're young and trying to deal with the dramas of dating, it can be really difficult to see beyond the first tree to the rest of the forest.
This last weekend, I actually had an opportunity to mentor to one of my girls. She's a teenager and I could see how upset she was, and it really bothered me. I really dislike it when someone is emotionally unhappy and want to do everything in my power to help change it. So - I just offered her advice just like all the other wonderful men and women offer to me. Perhaps it helped her, perhaps it didn't. Maybe with this one, maybe with the next man she'll meet and date.

A long time ago, I dated a boy that told me that I was "the biggest girl he ever dated". That really upset me, and I remember how one of the front desk girls at Ihloff wrote me a note and left it in my station, telling me how beautiful and wonderful I was, and how he was stupid for saying that and didn't deserve me anyways. That comment from him definitely kicked my butt into gear, literally for running. But her note? It's taped inside my color book, and if I ever need a little 'upper' I can just reread it and think that there are people out there that believe in me and are willing to help.

Thanks to all the awesome men and women that share their adventures, mistakes, and stories. Please continue, and not just with me, with anyone that's open to it!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Science of Graying Hair

How does gray hair happen?

Each hair on our heads is made up of a few basic parts:

* a shaft - the colored part we see growing out of our heads
* a root - the bottom part, which keeps the hair anchored under the scalp

The root of a strand of hair is surrounded by a tube of tissue under the skin that is called the hair follicle. Each hair follicle contains a certain number of pigment cells. These pigment cells continuously produce a chemical called melanin that gives the growing shaft of hair its color of brown, blonde, red, and anything else nature decides.
Melanin is the same stuff that makes our skin's color fair or darker. It also helps determine whether a person will burn or tan in the sun. The dark or light color of someone's hair depends on how much melanin each hair contains.
The closer the pigment cells are together, the darker the hair/skin color. If there are very few cells, you have a blonde. Many large cells packed closer together - dark brunette.

As we get age, the pigment cells gradually stop producing. When there are fewer pigment cells in a hair follicle, that strand of hair will no longer contain as much melanin and will become a more transparent color - like gray, silver, or white - as it grows.
People can get gray hair at any age. Some people go gray at a young age - as early as when they are in high school or college - whereas others may be in their 30s or 40s before they see that first gray hair. How early we start to get gray hair is determined by a few factors - genes, stress, and health. Your maternal grandfather's hair is the one to access (especially for men worrying about hair loss).

Gray hair is also more noticeable in people with darker hair because it stands out, but people with naturally lighter hair are just as likely to go gray. From the time a person notices a few gray hairs, it may take more than 10 years for their entire hair to change.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Damaged Your Hair - Now What?

It's August, in Oklahoma. What have you been doing this summer? I'm assuming not sitting inside in the A/C, and every single time you've gone outside you remembered your hat or UV sun protectant (both for face, skin, AND hair).

Next question - how does your hair FEEL? Swimming in a pool or in the lake leaves quite the residue to deal with, being out in the sun fades natural and salon hair color. Both leave the hair feeling dry and brittle; if you're like most people you want soft, touchable, and HEALTHY hair! (And I do too, because combing is SO much easier!)

So what now? Hopefully after swimming, every single time, you rinsed your hair out. Sometimes simply putting conditioner in your hair BEFORE you enter the water can help to protect your hair cuticle. To protect from the sun - wear a hat or make sure that one of the products you're using has a UV protectant in it (Prive's hairsprays and shine spray provide that). And everyone can always use a conditioning treatment to help add protein and moisture back into your hair.

I know that we all love the lighter colors that summer brings, from the sun or chemically, but you want to make sure that you're still thinking about the integrity of your hair.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Introducing Prive - The New Product Line

Eco-Friendly Socially Responsible Corporate Statement

Privé Products prides itself on being diligent about Eco-Friendly products and programs. Laurent D. and Jacqueline Applebaum, COB and CEO/CFO respectively, are staunch supporters of environmental responsibility, and have created programs and products to support their beliefs.

* Privé Products warehouse is clean and exceeds the EPA requirement for a safe and clean work environment.
* Privé Products manufacturing facility is licensed for: FDA, Cosmetic, Drug, Alcohol and is CARB Compliant.
* Privé Products shipping boxes are recyclable.
* Privé Products uses potato starch for packing purposes.
* Privé Products bottles and cans are reusable and recyclable.
* Privé Products and its suppliers do not test on animals.
* Privé Products aerosols are 55% V.O.C.
* Privé Products customer support materials are available on-line to reduce the use of paper.
* Privé Products is eliminating all unnecessary packaging.
* Privé Products created the "Mammogram Awareness/Early Detection Program" campaign, rewarding women who had a mammogram with a complimentary service offered by our partner salons.

* In 2009 Privé Products introduced the revolutionary eco-design of CONCEPT VERT, a product line that is planet friendly in every possible way. This product line does not contain sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, PABA, mineral oil, paraffin, DEA, TEA or artificial colors.

* CONCEPT VERT also introduced the High Yield cans, achieved through the use of patented air powered technology. A 6.7 oz. can provides the same amount of uses as a 13 oz. bottle of regular liquid shampoo or conditioner.
* CONCEPT VERT is certified as Environmentally Preferred Products (E.P.P.): Increases usage amount without resorting to concentrates; more than 50% of the ingredients are from replenishable materials, packaging designed to be refillable; products utilize 50% less preservatives.

* Privé Products developed the CAN REUSE PROGRAM. Through the use of our patented one-way valve system the cans be reused without contamination. Clients return their empty cans to the salon, the salon returns them to Privé, and Privé will sanitize the cans and reuse.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Mother's Day" Sunday Fun-Day!

I've wanted to do this for a while, a Sunday when Mom is the center of attention, gets to have a hair makeover, and feel great about herself. I know more than a few of you have expressed to me that you wished that you could get your mom to come in and see me - well, this Sunday is the day that I'm dedicating to this!
Here's the lowdown - I know sometimes it's really difficult to see a new stylist, especially if you've been with someone for a while, but sometimes having someone work with your hair brings a fresh new approach. And Mom's are very bad about this, because a lot of time, they cannot justify spending the time or the money on themselves.

This Sunday - 15% off haircuts and 20% off any color service. There are only a few spots available for this special "Mother's Day" promotion, so check with Mom, take her out to lunch then introduce her to the new salon and your stylist!


The New Color Line

Success through high expectation "Professional Hair Care for you"

Being one of the top three hair cosmetic brands in the world, the Henkel-brand Schwarzkopf represents quality, expertise and innovation for more than a 100 years now.


Who founded Schwarzkopf?
A man with a vision that continues to live on 100 years later

A chemist named Hans Schwarzkopf founded the company in 1898. He invented and marketed the first powder shampoo. Driven by his passion for hair and his vision for the industry he also founded a hairdressing academy in 1927.

What does Schwarzkopf stand for?
A passion for beautiful hair

We stand for innovation, reliability, quality, trust and competence - these are the foundations on which our business thrives. We are driven by a passion for creating beautiful hair and this is reflected in each of our products. In addition, our ASK Academies and Studios are recognised centres of excellence that inspire and educate hairdressers around the globe.

How are we perceived?
With a unique heritage and an award-winning reputation

Schwarzkopf has a heritage that dates back over 100 years and maintains a reputation for effective, inspiring and nurturing hair products that meet the needs of the client. The Schwarzkopf brand has won many advertising awards and has been elected 'Most trusted European brand' by the readers of the Readers Digest for the sixth year in a row.

Who owns Schwarzkopf?
A parent company with a strong global portfolio

Schwarzkopf became a Henkel company in 1995. Schwarzkopf is one of four strategic businesses that also include adhesives, detergents and technologies.

What is Schwarzkopf doing for the future?
Ethics and values for the next generation

Henkel takes its ethical and environmental responsibilities seriously with an effective programme for environmental protection and social responsibilities at both a global and local level. This programme is inherent to the future success of the Henkel Group.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

And....How is it?!

One week down and so far...*drum roll please*.....

It's been amazing!!!

The new salon is much smaller than the old and so much more personable. It's quiet, one-on-one almost all the day (Charles hums in the background), and really quite peaceful. I have to say though, I think my favorite part is being able to look out of the window at the little park next door where they take the animals from the hospital for a walk. I don't have any pets, but it's still cute to see them.

Okay, so seriously - business time. I think this has probably been one of the best decisions I've made all year. I work when my clients need me, I get to choose my own color ad product line, and if something goes wrong - I only have myself to blame. And I don't like things to go wrong so I plan on being 2-3 steps ahead of the game!

A few little stepping stones that I failed to completely think through - business cards. I sound really crazy when people ask for them and I tell them I don't have any because I just quit my job. They look at me as though I'm from planet Pluto. BUT - my awesome Greg man is working on getting me set up and rolling.

Credit cards - Charles doesn't accept credit cards, and when my IT guy found out about that, he simply just put his foot down. I wanted to, and there is this great program on-line that Don (my boyfriend, yes, I have a boyfriend now....if you haven't heard this story you are WAY behind and need to come in for a chat/haircut!) knew about. So credit cards are great, convenient, and accepted.

Product line - soon to come. Samantha (one of Aveda's former representatives) and I chatted, and hopefully August I will be adding Prive, the French organic, natural line to Brookside.

I just continue to look forward to every day that I get to see my awesome ladies and gentlemen, along with the occasional child or two. I knew that I was feeling as though I needed a change - this was it. The change, the step or leap, in the right direction.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

UPDATE - Salon Change

Whenever anyone asks me "What do you think of Tulsa, of Oklahoma?" I simply replied, "It's okay. I'll probably stay because of a guy, otherwise, I'm not really sure." Up until this year, I had no car payment, no lease for a place, no pets, no children, no boyfriend. I love doing hair and my clients, so that's why I remain.

But now - there have been some changes! I think 2010 has been my biggest, scariest year yet. I set some goals some resolutions for myself this year. Typically there are a few at the top of everyone's list: get out of debt, exercise more, eat better, spend more time with friends/family, etc. I also decided that I wanted to advance in the salon, run a marathon, and go back to school.

Well, I did run a marathon, three in fact. Check that off the list first. I have enrolled in school and am scheduled to start my accounting and psychology class in just a few weeks; check two. I even went ahead and purchased a house, insuring that I will be remaining in Oklahoma for at least 5 years.
In March this year, I was promoted to a Senior 1 Designer. Check three, but perhaps....not. After I promoted, I realized that because the salon had certain price requirements, that I lost a lot of my very favorite people. People that I not only enjoyed doing their hair, but I also enjoyed hearing about their life. I felt like I had lost some of my friends.
I don't always feel like the 'typical hairstylist'. I went to cosmetology school because I simply wasn't sure what I wanted to major in with college, no other reason. Once I got there, I realized how much fun it was, and how much I enjoyed making other people feel and look beautiful, and I was really good at it. I also realize, that I'm very honest, sometimes to a fault, and I'm extremely logical and realistic, especially with business.

So because of these qualities, I've decided to leave Ihloff Salon. I'm excited about having more control over my prices, my schedule and being able to be more available and flexible for my clients. The salon I'm going to be working out of is over on Brookside, 38th and Peoria (1231 E 38th Street to be exact). I've included a photo of the front, so that you know what to look for.

Also, if you already have an appointment scheduled with me at Ihloff, don't worry about calling Ihloff. I have the time and day in my book, and we'll keep the same appointment, just move it to a different place. I have a lot of phone numbers and I've made quite a few phone calls, but if you haven't heard from me, please just shoot me back an e-mail so that I know that we are on the same page, and if you need to adjust time or anything, I'm here to work with you. I'm going to continue working close to the same schedule that I am now (Wednesday through Sunday) but I will be able to be more flexible.

One more thing - products. A few of my girls have expressed concern about losing their beloved Aveda products. I know that most of you that use Aveda have seen awesome results. I have decided to stay along the same organic, natural line, and will be bringing in a french line called Prive. I've been using it myself at home and I really like what I'm seeing, feeling, and smelling. One of the best things I love #1 is that Prive uses LESS preservatives than Aveda (1% compared to 3%). And - most importantly, there's not a million different shampoos and products to choose from! Fewer products are more versatile, so you can spend less on fewer products, still with great quality and outcome.

Last but not least - prices. Because I will be working for myself and I won't have the overhead to pay, then I can charge less. So my prices are going to be as follows:

Women's haircuts - $42
Men's haircuts - $36
Style - $33
Foils - $85-100
Color - Starts at $47
Foil with all over color - starts at $115

Eyebrows/lip - $13
Eyebrows & lip - $20

I believe this covers everything, and I know that some people I have not seen for a long time simply because of my price increases. I hope that by me making this change, that it will be best for all parties involved. You can reach me at my cell phone - 918.510.6543 for anything you need or by e-mail.

I look forward to hopefully hearing from you or seeing you soon!

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Man Education Story

Whenever I have a new male client in my chair, I try to remember that they don't always know the very "basics" of hair upkeep. So I'm going to just lay it all out there, that way we can all be educated.

#1. Wash your hair with shampoo. Not 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, not with soap, not with dirt. Wash your hair with good quality shampoo. And once a day is PLENTY, once every 2 days is better. (Trust me, it'll be difficult at first, but you'll get used to it, and learn that it's easier to style/shape with a little oil.)

#2. After washing, don't forget to use conditioner. A pea sized amount should do if you have fairly short hair. Yes, the bottle will last you for awhile, so once again, get good stuff. It helps make your hair soft, shiny, and touchable. Your significant other will appreciate that.

#3. You can usually tell when you need a haircut - gets too long over your collar, your ears, can't do anything with it. If you're the type of man that doesn't like to schedule appointments, when you can finally get an appointment, let's take a look at how long you went between haircuts. When did it start to bother you? Okay, 3-4 weeks; next time, call 2.5-3 weeks after your previous cut (make a mental note of the date) and see when the two schedules can come together. It makes your life less stressful because you don't have to worry about your hair not behaving and/or figuring out when you have time for an appointment.

-It's really just easier to make the appointment and stick with it if possible though. It puts you on a schedule to look great ALL the time!

#4. Styling. This is tricky - the easiest is to just ask - what do you recommend I use? I ask - What look are you going for? And then I go from there. Usually when I see a man for the first time, the main reason his hair is not doing what he wants it to do (besides that it's too long) is the product he's using.

Here's the rundown:
Mousse - for fine, thin hair - makes it appear fuller
Gel - for thicker, coarse hair - to help control frizz, style / usually not touchable
Wax - typically for thicker hair - for texture/shaping
Clay - for fine - medium hair - for texture/shaping
Paste - for thick hair - for texture/shaping
Pomade - for thick hair - for controlling frizz, adding shine
Hairspray - for all hair types - for holding shape/ usually not touchable

#5. Other hair grooming. Whenever a male sits in my chair, I usually will do it all - ears, sideburns, eyebrows, neck, top of back. When you're at home, just keep an eye on it too.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hot Summer = Changing Hair!

A new style that seems to arising, perhaps because of the heat, perhaps because of the humidity, maybe even just because it's so easy, fun, and cute!


Many celebrities have also been sporting this hairstyle - used with confidence by Katie Holmes, Sharon Stone, Victoria Beckham, Natalie Portman or Rihanna.
The pixie hairstyles are really versatile and feminine haircuts. They are ultra short and close to the head but can be styled either for longer or shorter hair. Usually the front of the hair is left longer, but it is shorter on top and in the back. If you leave it longer on the front, you can easily obtain a sexier look by sweeping bangs across one eye.
Your short locks will surely call attention to your natural beauty and you will feel glamorous with your chic short haircut. Pixie is a great choice if you have a busy schedule and you don’t want to waste much time with styling your hair. It is wonderful time-saving hairstyle that highlights your features and brings attention to your face.


Pixie cuts work really well for fine hair, especially with the right styling products. It is also perfect for a woman who dares to experiment with new, sexy hairstyles. If you are a little more daring, you can also try new colors that convey your personal charm. Young women can add playful highlights to reflect their energy and youthfulness.

They can even wear stylish headbands and glamorous hair accessories. For a more sophisticated and formal look, you can comb your hair down with some styling gel. It is a really hot hairstyle this year, which can be cute and innocent, elegant and seductive at the same time, depending on how you style it. Pixie is also convenient for active tomboys, because it is a very short, still really feminine haircut and because it gently gives accent to your beautiful features. Pixie means confidence and style. If you feel that short hair would match your face, be daring to try a chic pixie haircut for this summer.

Weightless texture with firm, pliable hold for all hair types.

* Organic beeswax and jojoba wax help provide unique pliability
* Pine rosinate and pullulan help give all-day strong hold
* Plant emulsifiers from coconut, jojoba and soy give the product a creamy texture
* A blend of gamma oryzanol (from rice bran) and Sasa veitchii (bamboo) helps protect hair from UV damage
* Spicy-citrus aroma features certified organic mandarin, ginger and Australian sandalwood.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's a Cut-a-Thon!

A few months ago one of the stylists at Ihloff stumbled across an article in the Tulsa People. She soon realized the family she was reading about was the Cupps family. Michelle Cupps is a regular guest of the salon. After reading this story she felt compelled to help their cause. Michelle and Troy had a little boy named Mitchell. Mitchell was born with a rare condition called Schimke immuno-osseous dyplasia. This rare form of Dwarfism is so rare that the government doesn't give funding.
A few days had passed and she decided to take action and took steps to begin a cut-a-thon. We contacted Michelle and she was thrilled to learn about it. As we began brainstorming ideas for the cut-a-thon Mitchell lost his battle. Finding out Mitchell passed away made us want to do this even more. There was even more of a fire inside of us to help raise money for Little Giants.

Little Giants Cut-a-Thon and Spa Treatments Fundraising Event

Sunday, June 27th, 2010
1PM - 5PM
Hosted by Ihloff Salon & Day Spa
8343 S. Memorial Drive
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133

Little Giants supports medical research of Schimke Immuno-osseous Dysplasia - a rare and terminal illness.

No appointment is necessary. For each $20 donation you will receive a token that can be redeemed for one of the following services:

+ haircut
+ mini facial
+ 30 minute manicure
+ 30 minute pedicure
Chair massages will be available for a minimum $5 donation.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Product From Aveda

Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair

Our daily leave-in treatment instantly repairs damaged hair by 26%, helps protects from heat styling and detangles to help prevent further damage.
  • Certified organically-derived quinoa protein penetrates hair to instantly repair damage and strengthen from the inside out.
  • Wheat protein helps protect from heat styling—such as blow-drying and ironing.
  • Soy-derived oil detangles to help prevent further damage and breakage.
  • Certified organic essential oils including bergamot, mandarin and ylang ylang provide an uplifting aroma.
  • Apply daily after your favorite Aveda shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair healthy.
  • When used with a weekly treatment: apply shampoo, weekly treatment, then Daily Hair Repair.
  • Work a small amount of product in hands, apply through damp hair and comb to distribute. Do not rinse out. Style.
Tips from Antoinette Beenders, Aveda’s global creative director and award-winning stylist:
  • Application is key. Use an amount about the size of a quarter for medium-length hair. Work it in your hands and apply it through damp hair.
  • To maximize results, focus on the most damaged areas and distribute the leave-in treatment evenly.
  • Don’t rinse—because Daily Hair Repair is a leave-in treatment. It will give you a healthy foundation to style and finish with your favorite Aveda products.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Hair Wizard...

I met a really nice woman today that gave me a compliment that made my day, probably my week and maybe even my month.
Her son had come in a few months ago for a haircut, with a hat on. You always know that a guy needs his hair cut when he ALWAYS wears a hat (or he just REALLY doesn't know how to style his hair). He uncovered his head and it's the curliest, most awesome hair ever! I asked him what he wanted to do, and he didn't want to go super short, but leave it a little longer, basically just a trim.
A little snip here, there, and along the perimeter (bottom of the haircut), we went. I asked him how he styled it. He reached for the hat. I shook my head, and I think the very first time, I actually put some Confixor (Aveda's liquid gel) in it to try to teach him.
He returned about a month later for his next trim, again with me. I was a little surprised, because usually teenager boys just need in today, now, and yesterday. It's always is a compliment to have them request that you help them achieve the look they're going for. Again, with the hat, and this time, I just let him put that on to style it.
Today, I got the opportunity to work with his mother's hair. She'd never had a service in the salon, so I gave her a referral card and asked how she heard about it. She said her son of course. She told me, "The first time you cut his hair, he came home and posted on his Facebook page that you were a hair wizard." She said that often times he has so many problems getting his haircut at other places, because they just try to cut it really short, chop it all up, and it gets really frustrating for him.
I told him - curly hair, men's hair, and color are my 3 favorite things to do, so between her and her son, they help make my time at the salon much more enjoyable. So we made her hair appear highlighted again, brightened it up for spring, and gave her the desired volume again, while making the ends appear thicker and healthier. Great day in the salon helping people appear their absolute beautiful best!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Schedule Changes

I'm super excited; as most of you know, I've decided it's time to rejoin the "normal adult working world". Aka - a 5 day work week.

So here's the rundown, because there's been some Ch-Changes!

Monday & Tuesday will be my days, to myself, occasionally to teach/take classes.

~South Memorial Location
Wednesday: 3-9
Thursday: 11-8
Friday: 9-5

~Utica Location
Saturday: 9-5
Sunday: 12-6

That's right! Another new awesome change for my midtown clients = 2 days at Utica, BOTH days on the weekend. I'll be at South Memorial location two late nights, so everyone should be able to get in then.

I'm trying to not reschedule anyone that has a previous made appointment, but if you do have any trouble rescheduling or trying to fit in, by all means, just let me know. Either when you call the salon, send a message my way, get on the Wait List, or just shoot me an e-mail.
I definetly try my absolute hardest to not reschedule anyone, yet I know that sometimes things come up. For me, and for my clients. Please just rememeber that if you set up the your appointment and need to move it around, as soon as you realize, it's much easier to switch around a week or more in advance than the day of. For you and me!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Color Theory

So we're going back to art class today - everyone remember the color wheel that we learned in grade school? This is the very basic of what I do when it comes to hair color.

First off, there are 3 primary colors - Blue, Red, and Yellow. The American hair level system is 1-10, 1 being black, 10 being pale blonde. Each level has a 'remaining pigment' that is revealed when the hair is lightened.
For example, when you lift hair from being black, it goes through different levels. On the color wheel, start at blue, and work counter clockwise around. Darker colors appear dark because they have larger molecules of dye, blue being the largest, therefore the darkest. As you lighten, red is the next largest primary color molecule, so that begins to show through next. Red is the hardest to get into the hair shaft, and also to get rid of. Because the human eye views it with such certainty, either you love it or hate it.
Level 6 (light brown)'s remaining pigment is Red. As you lift from light brown to blonde (for highlights), you go through an red-orange, orange, and yellow-orange stage. This is the part of the coloring process that most people dislike getting 'stuck' in. No one wants brassy orange highlights, so to get through that, you just have to either pop it up to level 9 or 10 (remaining pigment yellow = pretty) or tone out the unwanted pigment.

Tone = color glaze = toner = demi/semi permanent color - it's all the same thing. To neutralize the unwanted color, you just go opposite of the color wheel. So if you look at the red color above, the opposite across the circle is green. If you look at the blue color above, the opposite is orange. These are called Complimentary colors.

Color is one of my favorite services to provide for both men and women because it can change the appearance of someone so dramatically, for better or worse. I always try to keep in mind the person's eye color, skin color, and how much they want to maintain their look. So you can either use just color, foils, or a combination of the two, foil with color. Personally, I feel that foil with color gives the most options because it's very multi-dimensional.

Last but not least - please do not attempt this hair color theory process at home by yourself! Because when you end up with black on your hair and decide that it was a mistake, we have to go through all those levels of color to get it out. It's impossible to just put a lighter color on top of a darker color and expect beautiful results. Think - Easter egg coloring.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Please Do NOT Try This At Home!!!

"Cutting your hair can takes time, money, and talent. What if you have little of these? Using an easy technique can give you a quick, layered cut. This technique can be accomplished with long or shorter hair. By short we are speaking about shoulder length. Long hair would be considered anything longer than shoulder length.

Proper tools are probably the hardest part of this haircut. A pair of sharp scissors is a must. Most trouble with do it yourself haircuts comes from using scissors that are dull. It is impossible to make straight, clean cuts with dull scissors. Most haircutting scissors found in grocery or drug stores will work just fine. They usually don’t retain their sharpness as long as an expensive pair but they work for a while.

A fine tooth comb is another tool that will make this cut go fast and easy. Any type of comb is fine as long as you can comb the hair our evenly. Hair must be combed out evenly and a fine tooth comb works well. Clean hair is also a must for this cut to work. Hair can be wet or dry although most people prefer wet cutting. Make sure that hair is shampooed and snarls are combed out. The hair must be free from residue such as hairspray and gel. Make sure that you cut your hair in an area away from food and where the hair can drop freely onto the floor.

If you are trying this cut on yourself don’t bother with a plastic covering for your clothes or a towel around your shoulders. If will just get in the way and make it difficult for you to cut. The cut can be done in front of a mirror to make sure all of the hair is tangle free and smoothed out, but the actual cutting will be done by looking at the hair.

With a pair of sharp scissors, a fine tooth comb, and clean hair that is tangle free, you are ready to begin the cut. The explanation of this cut will be cutting your own hair. It can be adapted to cut someone else’s. Stand up, feet one foot to one and a half feet apart. Bend over, flipping hair towards the floor. Comb hair out straight and smooth. Make a cut straight across your hair. Depending on the thickness of the hair, you may need to make more than one cut. Just cut horizontally as straight as possible. The length from the top of your head to the scissors is how long the top layer of hair will be. All hair beneath the top of your head will be longer. If your cut is three inches from the top of your head, your top layer will be three inches and neckline layer will be approximately nine inches. All the other hair will be layered to lengths in between three and nine inches.

Be careful not to lock your knees. Locking your knees can lead to light-headedness. You may already feel some light-headedness by bending over. If you need to stop, do so, then repeat the process beginning where you left off, cutting as horizontally straight as you can.

It’s easy and it works. Have fun with your new haircutting technique."

I was just perusing the Internet and wandered about this crazy post. I laughed to myself at the silliness of it, but then I realized that some people actually DO this! So I'm going to bust out this rule again - PLEASE don't be cutting your hair at home. It's actually worse than going to those $10 places. Speaking of which...I want a T-shirt that says "I fix $10 haircuts" so if anyone knows of where to get that...let me know!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hair "Rules" Broken!

I was reading through some online postings about hair. I was appalled when I realized how much untrue things that people are reading and taking for truth. Time to point them out!

Not every type of hair can use layers, however. Very curly hair does not layer well, because the curls tend to tighten and disrupt the layered look, creating a scruffy appearance. Similarly, individuals who like to change their styles frequently may not want to attempt layers, because it can take years to grow out them out.

I have absolutely NO one that sits in my chair and doesn't get layers. And as most of you know - curly hair is one of my favorites to cut. So...curly hair does get layers and it DOES work! Just being educated about HOW to layer hair for each individual type, texture, density, face shape, body shape, there's a lot that goes into it. But layers can work for everyone and any type of hair.

And even people that like change, layers are the QUICKEST way to change the shape of the haircut without having to cut all your hair short.

At home color....please just don't try it. I know a few ladies that color just their grey hair and I can always tell that they do it on their own. Box hair color that you buy from Sally's, the department store, or Wal-Mart, they are all just that - BOX color and BAD for your hair. I know that I wouldn't have any kind of length on my hair if it wasn't for the Aveda products and haircolor that I use.

Never cut curly hair with a razor. Correction - you CAN cut curly hair with a razor but don't tear it apart, as you shouldn't with straight or wavy hair either. "Potato peeling" is not a good technique for razor cutting, but I used to cut like that because I didn't know better and I still see stylists doing it.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Earth Month Auction

Every year at Ihloff, we raise money for Earth month and this year we're donating the money to Gulf Restoration Network.

We are doing a silent auction at the South Memorial location. There is a book located inside the entrance and I have donated a Hair Spa and Haircut ($105 value) to raise money as well. I believe the starting bid is $52.50.

This is the perfect opportunity to either treat yourself or someone else to a 'spa like' service, consultation, and great haircut for spring.

What is a hair spa? A deep conditioning treatment that helps to provide either moisture or strength, depending on what your hair needs. A relaxing scalp massage to begin with, sitting under a warm dryer to open up the hair cuticle to allow the product to get inside the hair, and then cool down to allow your hair to seal back up with the moisture or strength inside (a nap is optional).

~Happy Bidding

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Thoughts For Once...

This is my first week as a Senior 1. I have to admit, I was a little scared (and still am) of promoting. I love almost everyone that I have gotten to meet because of working at Ihloff and being a hairstylist.

As a Protege, I met some of the sweetest women, usually with children and then some really young kids as well. That was definitely the time that I spent learning more about hair, the process, and about what kind of stylist I was. Including how I wanted to take care of the people sitting in my chair. I want to make sure that they have the best possible time because they can go anywhere and try to communicate with anyone, but they have chosen to come sit in my chair and allow me the pleasure to work with them and their hair.

Moving up to Designer was a little scary but I felt that I had 'completed' that level. - i.e. Protege. I started to meet a few new people, usually ones that just needed in or that the communication center felt I would be best for. My clients would refer me to friends and family members, so I stayed busy. I continued to take as many education classes as I could, but I had finished most of the elementary color classes, so the search was a little more difficult now. I had to keep myself motivated and look for inspiration in other places. This was more of a growing phase, growing up.

I realize that hair is still fun, but it's my profession. I have always been very competitive in everything I do, and I want to be the best. I know that I'll still more experience, more practice, more education. I plan on getting it, but I also think that my eye is sharp. I can see my mistakes very quickly now and as long as I know how they happened, I can make the adjustments to correct them as soon as possible.

I am excited about becoming a Senior 1. As I'm sure you know, my goal is to have an Assistant, which I can have as a Senior 2 if I reach certain goals. I have already started to meet some really amazing people, even on day 2 that specifically wanted to see an upper level stylist. This is very exciting for me to now be included in that category. The journey here has taken over a year, but I'm excited to see what the next year brings!

~Happy hair vibes,
Christa Michelle

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Growing Stage

How does bad hair happen? We forget to take the time needed to make it look great! Even if you decide that a length change is needed, sometimes a little texturizing here and there can either keep the Q-tip off the man's head or the bulkiness out of the women's hair.
Hair always seems to grow the fastest where we notice it first - i.e. back of the neck, top of the ear, or the bang area. Hair typically grows about 1/2" a month, so about 6" a year. Regular trims help to avoid split ends and maintain a straight line. When you run your fingers through your hair and have to 'tug' through the ends more than usual, that's when the hair is needing a trim.
Ways to help ensure your hair's healthiness:
Good shampoo and conditioner - maintaining moisture and strength are vital to achieving longer hair. Most over the counter products have alcohol and other drying agents that strip the hair of its natural oils.
Stop washing it every day - I have mentioned this time and time again. The oils our scalp produces adds shine. Don't strip that natural shine out!
Keep thermal styling to a minimum - limit your use of your blowdryer, flat iron, curling iron, etc. Make sure that when you do use thermal tools, you use a thermal protectant. (Aveda's Brilliant hairspray is amazing.)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Help Achieve Clean Water

As I hope everyone knows, April is Earth month (yes, I know - it's still March). Last year we did a Walk For Water and raised money to donate to Aveda's Earth month fund.

Why "Walk for Water"? In less fortunate countries, they have to walk anywhere from 5-10K just for clean water. (That's 3-6 miles). So we decided to join together and walk the distance too, just to remind ourselves.

This year there's going to be a little change - well a few.

+ We're opting to also run the "walk".
+ And....we're letting YOU join in!

The details aren't completely worked out yet, but I BELIEVE the event will be held on Sunday, April 18th at 21st & Riverside.

Donation amount - $25 and includes our Earth Month candle, which is actually encased in a recycled wine cooler bottle bottom! It's lavender scented and made from soy.


A New Type of Service....

I have discovered that most women go through this time in their life - what a way to capture it!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What Color Is 2010?

And Onto Color -

"No color is off limits this year!" agrees Danny Lapointe at Clairol. "Blonde, brunette, and redhead are all in fashion, as long as they are soft, shiny, and multidimensional tones that look natural."

What it isn't:
2010's blondes are not ashy or 'dirty blonde. Golden blonde hair color is center stage. Be on the lookout for one predominant color, and then highlighted softly throughout. Even though your roots can be slightly darker, don't try to pull off the a "I'm too cheap to get my hair dyed" vibe.

If you're looking to add something really striking to the look, consider bleaching or lightening your eyebrows a lighter shade of blonde than golden to bring the look together.

Deserving of its own dedicated article, redheads are, in 2010, the new bombshells (YAY, because as everyone knows - RED is my FAVORITE!). Being a rare hair color puts redheads into their own exclusive group, but that doesn't mean you can't join them. Seen throughout history as everything from fiery warriors to seductive maidens, red haired beauties have plenty of ongoing appeal in 2010.

Short black hair cut is not so much a hair color trend as it is a pairing of black hair with a short hair cut. The short black haircut is one of the 2010 haircut trends that is somewhat universal. Able to be styled in looks from classic to neo-rocker and its ability to be cut in a variety of different ways (with or without a fringe, as a bob or near-on pixie crop short) the short black haircut for 2010 will work most face shapes and skin color.


Up & Coming 2010 Styles

"Versatility will dominate in 2010," foresees Lois Sonstegard of Whirl-a-Style. "We've grown accustomed to change and we will want to change our hair on a whim. Cuts that allow styles to be easily maintained and yet allow maximum flexibility will be popular."

This move towards versatility suggests there will be a new shift towards longer hair, because obviously the more hair you have the more options you have as well. Expect pixies to grow out, and women to let their bobs lengthen.
So what's happening with the previous pixie crop? As women everywhere grow our their pixie crops and cropped bobs this year, the style will be cut with longer features. In particular, a brow length fringe swept to the side and held in place by a pomade. Sweeping and sexy or short and rounded are both options depending on your face shape.

"The ultimate Fall and Winter 2009/2010 hair trend is longer hair," says Diana Richardson, the Health and Beauty editor for the Tampa Examiner. "With longer hair lengths, it is good for most face shapes and body types and you can try several options. While the short bob has not taken its final bow, this fall it is fading out slowly, and taking a backstage to longer flowing locks and natural hair styles."

Classic looks will have a new twist - a special touch added to make the style understated at times, and bold at others. Hair will be more purposeful and put together.

There are two 20th century fashion revivals happening in 2010.

Long waved hair inspired by the 1940s
Having appeared on the radar in 2009, 1940s hair styles will continue as an inspiration for women's hairstyles in 2010. As it was last year, this hair trend is again inspired by the late 40s and, to a lesser degree, the early 1950s. Waves should be firm but not curly. This is suitable for all hair colours, though less effective on black hair. You can wear it with an off-center or side part, but not in the center. Length wise, it must fall below the shoulders. Pair this style with classic make-up and styling techniques.

1970's -
Straight long hair, naturally styled. Smoothly styled, but not so slick that it feels overly styled or straightened. The hair should be voluminous. This hair is usually styled with a side part, but will work well with a center part. It is definitely a style that works for very long hair. Different from the waved hairstyle inspired by the 1940s, this flowing, textured, (and sometimes) waved hairstyle trend in 2010 relies instead on natural-looking waves.

Back to Braids- The popularity of milkmaid braids in 2009 evolves into the braided hairstyle trend in 2010. Braids work great with any hair color.

The side braid can be paired with the slicked side hair style for an edgy interpretation. The fish plait is 2010's take on the simple pony tail. Both the side braid and the fish plait work great with a fringe. Also - don't include your bangs, whether it's cut as a blunt fringe or not, into the braid; instead it is best to style the fringe loosely.
The fish plait can be worn with a center part. The side braid can only be worn with a side part and the part must be on the opposite side of the head to the braid. If you're stuck for a mental picture when styling this in front of the mirror one evening, simply think of it as the Rapunzel braid.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter~Wonderland Photo Opportunity

Sarah Adams of Yellow Chair Photography has decided to take advantage of the beautiful snow and is offering Winter Wonderland Mini Sessions in the Snow!

For only $199, you will receive a 30 minute Mini Session and a proof CD containing 10 professionally edited images.

Please contact her for more information or to book your own Winter Wonderland Session. or 918-381-4941

Snow & Ice...& Hat Hair Too!


Weather tends to scare more than just a few people, but I am SO PROUD of Tulsa for the first time in 3 winters this year. They have informed people about the weather AHEAD of time, 3-4 days in fact! It never fails to surprise me how much Oklahoma people (sorry guys) are afraid of the weather.

Ihloff Salon & Day Spa is open though. I worked last night, Thursday with the ice drizzle, I'm here today for the snow, and I'm sure I'll be here tomorrow. Last night I had a brave trooper and today there are some more of us 'die hard' hair has to be done gals and guys! So busy time and nice and warm INSIDE the salon. There are a few places for tomorrow, and I know you'll be tired of the kids running around, so come on in for some of your own beauty time.

Hair for the weather - hats are perfect for this time of year!


Even if your hair is not perfect, and you know that the weather is going to be part of the problem. Wind, snow, ice, rain - even with the best products and strongest hairspray, you might as well give a little. So it's alright to just invest in a few cute hats to help along the way.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

W.E. Love You Man

I took this class January 11th at the Crown Plaza in downtown Tulsa. William Edge from New Braunfels, Texas came in to teach this one day event. I had high hopes going into it, and it was of no disappointment for sure!
He started off having us take our shears out, to see if we were even using our current tools correctly. And of course, we all get into our bad habits and settle for incorrect technique. So it was nice to be reminded of that. Then we talked about razors and how feather razors are horrible razors to use to cut hair, which of course, is what 95% of what most stylists use (myself included, until I get my new one). We think that it will help to protect us from ourselves and protect our clients as well, but in reality, with all that ‘protection’ it’s not doing the hair much good either in cutting. We talked about the different parts of the razor and when you’re cutting to the right you should use the toe and when going to the left, the heel of the razor. And no potato peeling!
I really enjoyed perfecting longer men’s haircuts. Most stylists have problems with longer, shaggy styles because they are used to cutting women’s hair. Guys hair = strength, corners, weight. You don’t want to layer it so much, because it can become too feminine by removing all the weight near the parietal ridge. (To my dearest clients – you aren’t supposed to know what this means – it’s stylist’ talk!)
I also learned about a new shear technique. By pairing your texturizing and regular shears in one hand (texturizing closer to the scalp) you can move through men’s shorter haircuts with less time and a really awesome look! I just need to get my shear man called and put my order in for a new tools.
Oh, and last but not least – I finally did a 0 (skin) to a fade again! (Military style) I remember the very first haircut I did when I was very first out of beauty school was that one, but at Ihloff, we typically, don’t get the military men. They have to have their hair cut far too often and most don’t feel comfortable coming to a salon like ours. BUT – I can do it even better now than before!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Upcoming MEN'S Trends

What is in for the New Year? 2010 sees men's hair styles fall into two distinct categories: school boy and rocker. While the rocker look is certainly a 20th Century creation, the resulting hair style finds its roots distinctly in 19th Century Britain. While some of the runway collection featured something very similar to 80's grunge revival, the majority of us will live out 2010 with a refined, classically inspired haircut.

The Fringe

Continuing on from last year's men's hair trends, the men's fringe remains a major feature in 2010. But, of course, this trend has evolved. While the men's fringe in 2009 was all about close-to-eyebrow length, in 2010 we have different options.

Thankfully, the men's fringe trend in 2010 comes in a variety of lengths, so maximizing your favorite features can be done. While the back and sides will be shorter, the way of personalizing the style is to play with the length of the fringe itself.


And Styling
Whether you take a straightening iron to your hair or enjoy naturally straight hair, the men's fringe trend in 2010 is all about texture. I'm not talking about afro-inducing curls but light, layered detail.

A textured hair style, with longer fringe, is the 2010 incarnation of the 'Caesar cut', named after the hair style Roman dictator, Julius Caesar who is frequently shown wearing his hair in a similar fashion. While cut to bring hair from the temples and crown towards the forehead, the overall effect depends largely on using a matte wax or pomade to create the rugged texture and is quite akin to something sported by men in the Regency era.


The Slick Back

Though he's given his name to an incarnation of the previously mentioned fringe hair trend, actor George Clooney has been an influence of another of 2010's hair style trends for men: the slick back.

In being a part of 2010 hair trends, the slick back drives home one major point: men's hair styles in 2010 are all about the classics. In fact, this style may actually be a little too classic for most men.

The Breakdown:
If you're after the slick back look there's one important thing to first consider: texture. Is your hair wavy or straight - from there on, it's easy.

Guys with straight hair: stick to a longer cut on top.
Guys with wavy hair
: go for short hair on top, perhaps a few inches in length depending on the strength of your wave.

For both straight haired and wavy haired men: short on the sides.

And for those who have neither straight nor wavy hair? Consult your stylist(Me!). You're going to have a real time getting the slick back hair style with curly hair, and unless you're willing to dedicate vast amounts of time each morning to your hair you might want to seek a chemical curl relaxer.

And Now Styling:
Looking at it, you already know it's not going to take a lot of effort to style the slick back (provided your hair is suitable, and cut appropriately). Using the right product, if you're after a classic wet look is especially important. But the real trick is to make sure that the side you choose to slick the hair back towards, actually suits your face. Try both ways, and don't forget that your mirror doesn't show your true image.

The other major choice is whether to add a part or not. Clooney wears it with one, but it's up to you.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Oval Is Most Versatile


If you have an oval face shape, stop for a second and thank your parents. You've landed the most versatile face shape. You can wear almost any hairstyle. The oval face is mathematically 1.5 times as long as its width, with the forehead slightly wider than the jaw.

No matter the length of your cut, you'll look best with layers near your cheekbones, lips or chin; your best feature is the one you want to highlight.

-Add volume to the top of head to keep your face looking thinner.
-Stay away from dated hairstyles. If you haven't changed your style in a decade, find a new photo and get your hair cut. A bad hairstyle can age you by 10 years.
-If you are quirky, try out a funky hair cut and color. But if you're a busy mom, cut your hair so it's stylish, yet doesn't require a lot of styling. Make sure your hairstyle suits your personality and your lifestyle.

-Stay away from a spiky and short topside. Avoid width or volume on sides.
-Don't fight your natural hair texture.
-You can straighten curly hair, but it takes time and money. Why not invest in a good haircut instead?
-If you have super thin hair, don't try to grow your hair beyond your shoulders without the help of extensions, your hair will be lifeless and flat, no matter how much product you put in it. Instead, cut in layers and keep the length above your shoulders.