Wednesday, July 14, 2010

UPDATE - Salon Change

Whenever anyone asks me "What do you think of Tulsa, of Oklahoma?" I simply replied, "It's okay. I'll probably stay because of a guy, otherwise, I'm not really sure." Up until this year, I had no car payment, no lease for a place, no pets, no children, no boyfriend. I love doing hair and my clients, so that's why I remain.

But now - there have been some changes! I think 2010 has been my biggest, scariest year yet. I set some goals some resolutions for myself this year. Typically there are a few at the top of everyone's list: get out of debt, exercise more, eat better, spend more time with friends/family, etc. I also decided that I wanted to advance in the salon, run a marathon, and go back to school.

Well, I did run a marathon, three in fact. Check that off the list first. I have enrolled in school and am scheduled to start my accounting and psychology class in just a few weeks; check two. I even went ahead and purchased a house, insuring that I will be remaining in Oklahoma for at least 5 years.
In March this year, I was promoted to a Senior 1 Designer. Check three, but perhaps....not. After I promoted, I realized that because the salon had certain price requirements, that I lost a lot of my very favorite people. People that I not only enjoyed doing their hair, but I also enjoyed hearing about their life. I felt like I had lost some of my friends.
I don't always feel like the 'typical hairstylist'. I went to cosmetology school because I simply wasn't sure what I wanted to major in with college, no other reason. Once I got there, I realized how much fun it was, and how much I enjoyed making other people feel and look beautiful, and I was really good at it. I also realize, that I'm very honest, sometimes to a fault, and I'm extremely logical and realistic, especially with business.

So because of these qualities, I've decided to leave Ihloff Salon. I'm excited about having more control over my prices, my schedule and being able to be more available and flexible for my clients. The salon I'm going to be working out of is over on Brookside, 38th and Peoria (1231 E 38th Street to be exact). I've included a photo of the front, so that you know what to look for.

Also, if you already have an appointment scheduled with me at Ihloff, don't worry about calling Ihloff. I have the time and day in my book, and we'll keep the same appointment, just move it to a different place. I have a lot of phone numbers and I've made quite a few phone calls, but if you haven't heard from me, please just shoot me back an e-mail so that I know that we are on the same page, and if you need to adjust time or anything, I'm here to work with you. I'm going to continue working close to the same schedule that I am now (Wednesday through Sunday) but I will be able to be more flexible.

One more thing - products. A few of my girls have expressed concern about losing their beloved Aveda products. I know that most of you that use Aveda have seen awesome results. I have decided to stay along the same organic, natural line, and will be bringing in a french line called Prive. I've been using it myself at home and I really like what I'm seeing, feeling, and smelling. One of the best things I love #1 is that Prive uses LESS preservatives than Aveda (1% compared to 3%). And - most importantly, there's not a million different shampoos and products to choose from! Fewer products are more versatile, so you can spend less on fewer products, still with great quality and outcome.

Last but not least - prices. Because I will be working for myself and I won't have the overhead to pay, then I can charge less. So my prices are going to be as follows:

Women's haircuts - $42
Men's haircuts - $36
Style - $33
Foils - $85-100
Color - Starts at $47
Foil with all over color - starts at $115

Eyebrows/lip - $13
Eyebrows & lip - $20

I believe this covers everything, and I know that some people I have not seen for a long time simply because of my price increases. I hope that by me making this change, that it will be best for all parties involved. You can reach me at my cell phone - 918.510.6543 for anything you need or by e-mail.

I look forward to hopefully hearing from you or seeing you soon!

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