Wednesday, July 21, 2010

And....How is it?!

One week down and so far...*drum roll please*.....

It's been amazing!!!

The new salon is much smaller than the old and so much more personable. It's quiet, one-on-one almost all the day (Charles hums in the background), and really quite peaceful. I have to say though, I think my favorite part is being able to look out of the window at the little park next door where they take the animals from the hospital for a walk. I don't have any pets, but it's still cute to see them.

Okay, so seriously - business time. I think this has probably been one of the best decisions I've made all year. I work when my clients need me, I get to choose my own color ad product line, and if something goes wrong - I only have myself to blame. And I don't like things to go wrong so I plan on being 2-3 steps ahead of the game!

A few little stepping stones that I failed to completely think through - business cards. I sound really crazy when people ask for them and I tell them I don't have any because I just quit my job. They look at me as though I'm from planet Pluto. BUT - my awesome Greg man is working on getting me set up and rolling.

Credit cards - Charles doesn't accept credit cards, and when my IT guy found out about that, he simply just put his foot down. I wanted to, and there is this great program on-line that Don (my boyfriend, yes, I have a boyfriend now....if you haven't heard this story you are WAY behind and need to come in for a chat/haircut!) knew about. So credit cards are great, convenient, and accepted.

Product line - soon to come. Samantha (one of Aveda's former representatives) and I chatted, and hopefully August I will be adding Prive, the French organic, natural line to Brookside.

I just continue to look forward to every day that I get to see my awesome ladies and gentlemen, along with the occasional child or two. I knew that I was feeling as though I needed a change - this was it. The change, the step or leap, in the right direction.

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