Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Feeling a Little Tangled?

If you currently come to the salon, you know that one of the questions I always ask is: 
"Do you put anything on your hair?"

Between the DO NOT WASH YOUR HAIR EVERYDAY lesson that I ensure people learn, the idea of putting SOMETHING on your hair to protect you from the sun, blowdryer, wind, anything is the second most important.

Thermal detangling spray is the first product I apply to anyone that is sitting in my chair - men, women, children. Anyone and everyone can use this product and it just takes a couple sprays on your ends to help comb smoothly and make your hair happy. 

Enriched with cactus, bamboo and kelp, Herbal Blend #30 deeply penetrates the cuticle to deliver excellent conditioning and detangling, while protecting against hot tool damage. This unique, lightweight spray departs exceptional sheen to the hair, which brightens hair color and makes hair easier to style. 

Apply to towel-dried hair as the first step for all styles.