Sunday, October 10, 2010

The New Step In Coloring ~ The Mercedes

"My hair isn't shiny"
" I don't like the texture"
"It's just boring"

"I don't know what to do!"

I hear these comments every now and again, even from some of my long standing clients. When this happenings, it's definitely time for a change.
Sometimes it's something simple: add layers. Add bangs. Add a semi permanent color. Maybe add a few highlights. Maybe an all over richer color close to your normal color.
But what if you already have layers, don't want bangs, and have highlights? This situation came up Friday afternoon in the salon, and sometimes you just have to step up and suggest a new service instead.

"Instead of just highlighting it, we need to do an all over color and THEN highlight it. That way, there is 0% of natural color and gray showing and it just brightens EVERYTHING up."

A little hesitant, but considering the fact that I'm the professional one and this was my suggestion, she went for it. I've had this situation with a few of my blondes this past summer, and this has really helped them reach through to the 'next stage'.

(An example of foil with color)

Some foils, some empty color bowls, a few inches of hair on the floor, and AMAZING! It completely opened up her face and there was no gray showing, the ends looked so much better from getting a good healthy trim, and the light was just bouncing off her hair, it was so shiny. It felt soft and in great condition. I sent her home with some of the Prive reparative shampoo and conditioner, and told her that next time she was in the salon it wouldn't take quite as much time because we would simply color her regrowth the next time.

Foil with color takes more time and color, so the first time it's a little pricier. But the return visit is simply a color, which is even less than a highlight. So if you do the math, between the two visits, you're actually spending less than if you highlighted it both times and it looks so MUCH better!

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