Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sharon's Before & After Makeover!

Sean has been coming to see me for a while now, before I left Ihloff. I reminded him that I not only do men's hair, but women's as well, and was curious why his wife had not been in to see me. Sure enough, she called and we went back and forth over times (3 kids and a husband that works makes it difficult), but I happened to have a cancellation for that very evening, so she came by that evening.

First glance - wow. Hair time. The summer sun and chemical treatments had left her ends much blonder and processed than the rest and then of course, that pesky color that reminds us of our age. We talked and decided that since it was the beginning of fall, we were going to take her a little darker, a little richer, warmer and trim up her layers and just all over - make it look healthier.

A few hours later, with the right color, great haircut, and a little help from products and blow drying....we have a smile! She looks AWESOME!

She came back in the salon actually on Saturday, this time with all 3 kids and husband in tow. It was time for the kid's haircuts too! Her youngest, Nicole, it was her first one ever. So super's great when you get to help make the whole family feel better!

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