Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hair "Rules" Broken!

I was reading through some online postings about hair. I was appalled when I realized how much untrue things that people are reading and taking for truth. Time to point them out!

Not every type of hair can use layers, however. Very curly hair does not layer well, because the curls tend to tighten and disrupt the layered look, creating a scruffy appearance. Similarly, individuals who like to change their styles frequently may not want to attempt layers, because it can take years to grow out them out.

I have absolutely NO one that sits in my chair and doesn't get layers. And as most of you know - curly hair is one of my favorites to cut. So...curly hair does get layers and it DOES work! Just being educated about HOW to layer hair for each individual type, texture, density, face shape, body shape, there's a lot that goes into it. But layers can work for everyone and any type of hair.

And even people that like change, layers are the QUICKEST way to change the shape of the haircut without having to cut all your hair short.

At home color....please just don't try it. I know a few ladies that color just their grey hair and I can always tell that they do it on their own. Box hair color that you buy from Sally's, the department store, or Wal-Mart, they are all just that - BOX color and BAD for your hair. I know that I wouldn't have any kind of length on my hair if it wasn't for the Aveda products and haircolor that I use.

Never cut curly hair with a razor. Correction - you CAN cut curly hair with a razor but don't tear it apart, as you shouldn't with straight or wavy hair either. "Potato peeling" is not a good technique for razor cutting, but I used to cut like that because I didn't know better and I still see stylists doing it.

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