Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Introducing Prive - The New Product Line

Eco-Friendly Socially Responsible Corporate Statement

Privé Products prides itself on being diligent about Eco-Friendly products and programs. Laurent D. and Jacqueline Applebaum, COB and CEO/CFO respectively, are staunch supporters of environmental responsibility, and have created programs and products to support their beliefs.

* Privé Products warehouse is clean and exceeds the EPA requirement for a safe and clean work environment.
* Privé Products manufacturing facility is licensed for: FDA, Cosmetic, Drug, Alcohol and is CARB Compliant.
* Privé Products shipping boxes are recyclable.
* Privé Products uses potato starch for packing purposes.
* Privé Products bottles and cans are reusable and recyclable.
* Privé Products and its suppliers do not test on animals.
* Privé Products aerosols are 55% V.O.C.
* Privé Products customer support materials are available on-line to reduce the use of paper.
* Privé Products is eliminating all unnecessary packaging.
* Privé Products created the "Mammogram Awareness/Early Detection Program" campaign, rewarding women who had a mammogram with a complimentary service offered by our partner salons.

* In 2009 Privé Products introduced the revolutionary eco-design of CONCEPT VERT, a product line that is planet friendly in every possible way. This product line does not contain sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, PABA, mineral oil, paraffin, DEA, TEA or artificial colors.

* CONCEPT VERT also introduced the High Yield cans, achieved through the use of patented air powered technology. A 6.7 oz. can provides the same amount of uses as a 13 oz. bottle of regular liquid shampoo or conditioner.
* CONCEPT VERT is certified as Environmentally Preferred Products (E.P.P.): Increases usage amount without resorting to concentrates; more than 50% of the ingredients are from replenishable materials, packaging designed to be refillable; products utilize 50% less preservatives.

* Privé Products developed the CAN REUSE PROGRAM. Through the use of our patented one-way valve system the cans be reused without contamination. Clients return their empty cans to the salon, the salon returns them to Privé, and Privé will sanitize the cans and reuse.

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