Monday, November 29, 2010

I Want My Hair Long NOW!

Does this look like you? Perhaps you think that if you just tug on it a little bit more, you can make it longer right?

Nope. That won't work, sorry!

Hair typically grows, on average about 1/2" inch per month. Usually a bit more in the summer, a little less in the winter. Can you get it to actually GROW faster? Doubt it. You can take vitamins, exercise, do everything right to get your blood moving to increase scalp stimulation and nourishment, but it has a limit on speed.

What CAN you do then? Take care of the hair that's already reached the surface.


#1. STOP washing it every single day!

#2. Use good shampoo & conditioner so you don't strip out the essential oils and keep the strength and moisture levels appropriate.

#3. Limit your hot tool use. If you blow it dry after you shampoo it, try not to flat iron it as well. That will help you save time, save your hair, and allow you to go longer between shampoos.

#4. Trim the ends. When someone tells me they're growing their hair out, the LAST thing I want to do is cut it all off. I know how difficult and how much of a struggle it is to do this, so baby trim is what's needed to keep the split ends from affecting the rest of your hair.

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