Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Schedule Changes

I'm super excited; as most of you know, I've decided it's time to rejoin the "normal adult working world". Aka - a 5 day work week.

So here's the rundown, because there's been some Ch-Changes!

Monday & Tuesday will be my days, to myself, occasionally to teach/take classes.

~South Memorial Location
Wednesday: 3-9
Thursday: 11-8
Friday: 9-5

~Utica Location
Saturday: 9-5
Sunday: 12-6

That's right! Another new awesome change for my midtown clients = 2 days at Utica, BOTH days on the weekend. I'll be at South Memorial location two late nights, so everyone should be able to get in then.

I'm trying to not reschedule anyone that has a previous made appointment, but if you do have any trouble rescheduling or trying to fit in, by all means, just let me know. Either when you call the salon, send a message my way, get on the Wait List, or just shoot me an e-mail.
I definetly try my absolute hardest to not reschedule anyone, yet I know that sometimes things come up. For me, and for my clients. Please just rememeber that if you set up the your appointment and need to move it around, as soon as you realize, it's much easier to switch around a week or more in advance than the day of. For you and me!

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