Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Hair Wizard...

I met a really nice woman today that gave me a compliment that made my day, probably my week and maybe even my month.
Her son had come in a few months ago for a haircut, with a hat on. You always know that a guy needs his hair cut when he ALWAYS wears a hat (or he just REALLY doesn't know how to style his hair). He uncovered his head and it's the curliest, most awesome hair ever! I asked him what he wanted to do, and he didn't want to go super short, but leave it a little longer, basically just a trim.
A little snip here, there, and along the perimeter (bottom of the haircut), we went. I asked him how he styled it. He reached for the hat. I shook my head, and I think the very first time, I actually put some Confixor (Aveda's liquid gel) in it to try to teach him.
He returned about a month later for his next trim, again with me. I was a little surprised, because usually teenager boys just need in today, now, and yesterday. It's always is a compliment to have them request that you help them achieve the look they're going for. Again, with the hat, and this time, I just let him put that on to style it.
Today, I got the opportunity to work with his mother's hair. She'd never had a service in the salon, so I gave her a referral card and asked how she heard about it. She said her son of course. She told me, "The first time you cut his hair, he came home and posted on his Facebook page that you were a hair wizard." She said that often times he has so many problems getting his haircut at other places, because they just try to cut it really short, chop it all up, and it gets really frustrating for him.
I told him - curly hair, men's hair, and color are my 3 favorite things to do, so between her and her son, they help make my time at the salon much more enjoyable. So we made her hair appear highlighted again, brightened it up for spring, and gave her the desired volume again, while making the ends appear thicker and healthier. Great day in the salon helping people appear their absolute beautiful best!

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