Wednesday, September 22, 2010

An Additional Service

One of the great things about getting the opportunity to go out on my own, has allowed me to also expand my service list to include waxing! The above picture is actually using hard wax (what I prefer) and it works very well. No sticky residue to worry about and you don't have to heat the wax up too warm, so it prevents anyone from also getting burned.
Waxing is such a great 'face opener'. It's really amazing how much brighter someone's eyes can be and if the person wears makeup, how much cleaner the application is them. Personally, I think that having well groomed or 'clean' eyebrows just adds that final little touch to really polish up your appearance.
It takes just a few minutes, and you can make a separate appointment or we can do it with your hair appointment.

Pricing -
$13 for lip/eyebrow
$20 for lip & eyebrow

Because there is not adequate privacy, these are the only areas that I'm willing to do in the salon for the moment.

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