Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Help Achieve Clean Water

As I hope everyone knows, April is Earth month (yes, I know - it's still March). Last year we did a Walk For Water and raised money to donate to Aveda's Earth month fund.

Why "Walk for Water"? In less fortunate countries, they have to walk anywhere from 5-10K just for clean water. (That's 3-6 miles). So we decided to join together and walk the distance too, just to remind ourselves.

This year there's going to be a little change - well a few.

+ We're opting to also run the "walk".
+ And....we're letting YOU join in!

The details aren't completely worked out yet, but I BELIEVE the event will be held on Sunday, April 18th at 21st & Riverside.

Donation amount - $25 and includes our Earth Month candle, which is actually encased in a recycled wine cooler bottle bottom! It's lavender scented and made from soy.


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