Thursday, October 13, 2011

How Much Is Your Time Worth?

How much is 2 hours a week worth to you?

The question of the year
If you earn $15,000 a year, every hour is worth $8.93
$30,000 = $17.86
$60,000 = $35.71
$100,000 = $59.52
Now I ask - how much of your time do you spend styling / blowdrying your hair?

On average, a woman spends 60 minutes, 4 times a week = 1080 minutes / 18 hours a month

Once again - what is your time worth?

What if you could cut that time by 50%? Get 9 hours of your life back to spend how you want: family, friends, fun, work?
Let me tell you how - The Brazilian Blowout
Pricing: starts at $245 for up to 3 months worth of straight hair
= $81 / month
= $18 / week

Here's a few ideas on where to come up with that $18/week:
Eat lunch at home/office one more time a week
Splurge on your coffee/latte twice a week instead of everyday
(it's usually healthier too)

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