Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Few Words from Laurent, Creator of Prive

"Like many people in this industry, I started out as an aspiring hairdresser. I began as an apprentice in a Biarritz salon when I was just 16. My hard work and perseverance payed off and I went on to open my own salon, eventually relocating to Los Angeles to partner with Jose Eber and open 10 salons. Next came Privé Products, which to me, wasn’t just another business venture. Developing Privé was a way for me to share my passion for creative hairdressing with other likeminded hairdressers. I was creating a line in the European fashion for the true artist. One that performs at the highest standard, one that can be mélanged to accomplish every hairdressing desire and one that met every expectation I, as a hairdresser, would demand of a line. Regardless of Privé’s success, I promised myself that I would always stay true to my roots – I am a hairdresser first and foremost."

"With that said, here we are years later and I’m proud to say I’ve stuck to my guns. Although I’m busy with Privé Products, I continue to work behind the chair at both the New York and Los Angeles Privé salons. Because of this I continue to stay in touch with what my fellow salon owners and stylists need from both an education and product standpoint so we can deliver everything they need. And most importantly, to this very day, Privé products are exclusively sold to the premier salons in the world. Only a hairdresser can understand the importance of this promise and mean it."

(information & photo courtesy of http://www.priveproducts.com/laurent/blog/)

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