Friday, March 25, 2011

Exciting News!

First on the game plan - I have a new job. That's right - a REAL job, Christa Michelle Tyler will be the "Operations Manager" for Robin's Roast Service (Don's career). What does that really mean? I'm the bookkeeper, organizer, manager of time, and so much more. What does that mean for the salon?
I'm going to begin only working Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

As soon as the semester is over, I can be at the salon earlier on Mondays, but for now, Accounting and History call, and they won't let me escape until 11:20AM.

Now the really exciting awesome news..............

Composure & Christa Michelle Tyler are moving to the newly renovated (and still undergoing some changes) salon known as The Beauty Loft (starting Monday, March 28th, 2011). It is located on 21st between Harvard & Lewis. It is directly off of Highway 64/51 and sits northwest of Borders book store. Keller Willliams Realty is the large company that resides in the bottom two floors, but a full service salon shall be on the 3rd floor!

Kelli is the individual who has undertaken such a renovation of this area, and she has been working her tail off and doing a beautiful job. For now, I shall be the only stylist, but she is an esthetician and nail tech. (We're looking for more stylists & a massage therapist though!)

For those of you that missed the comfortable shampoo bowls at Ihloff - you're going to have to come experience these - they're even better!

I'm going to continue with the color line I enjoy Schwarzkopf and Prive products, because they've been really awesome to both my clients and I.

I am super excited - as a few of you know, my goal is to one day open my own salon. But looking at what Kelli has done and the area she has chosen - this is pretty darn close to being my goal. Come see and experience the change with me!

2651 E 21st Street
Tulsa OK 74114

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