Saturday, December 24, 2011

Poetry from the Salon

As I stand behind the chair,
examining your hair.
First I ask the style you have in mind,
or suggest a personalized design.

Before you see,
The consummate profession in me,
You may not understand,
how much perfection that I demand.

I take my profession very seriously,
And value the faith and trust you put in me.
For when you sit in my chair,
I care about your well-being as well as you hair.

Whether you want your hair straightened, curled, or dyed,
you can trust that I will never use ammonia, thioglycolates, or formaldehyde.
Your hair will look fabulous - which is my goal above all,
But I will do it without parabens or resorcinol.

You may not even know of the Organic Salon Systems products I use,
but you won’t worry as more stories when salon chemicals are in the news.
You’ll appreciate I care for your well-being as I put in your curls,
I know my clients appreciate it from all their referrals.

Your hair will look fabulous and your color will last,
You’ll be the talk of the party at your Holiday blast.
Knowing you used products that are eco-friendly, vegan, and cruelty free,
means you should feel socially responsible at your next party!

A cut or style, may suit you fine,
but won’t do a thing, without a healthy shine
A deep conditioning treatment, and some color that is styled with some gloss,
all plastic free so you look beautiful for your Santa Claus!

Don’t leave without,
Your Intensive Conditioner or Reparative Shampoo,
Your hair also needs moisture
and protein too.

Now as you sit here at my station, remember,
You’re going to stay healthy and beautiful way past next December.
I will work my wonders and you may think I am a magician,
But I am just a creative, caring, and health conscious hair technician.

As we go through this next year the world will learn more,
About how dangerous salon chemicals are and how they are evil to the core.
You already know that you can rely on my care for your overall wellbeing,
But you’ll trust me more as governments, “Big Beauty”, and the media start agreeing!

I wish you the happiest of holiday and a wonderful new year,
And am pleased I can make you look beautiful without having to fear.
I love what I do and I have to say,
My clients well being is my passion that gets me behind my chair each day!

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