Saturday, January 7, 2012

Unanswered Questions?

That you shouldn't wash your hair everyday?

Did you know that the sun can damage your hair?

Do you know what "spot washing" is? 

Do you know why dark hair is shinier than light hair?

Did you know that you need a thermal protector for your hair just like you need sunscreen for your face?

Do you know why your hair never looks the same after you leave the salon?

Do you know the best things to use for your hair type?

Do you know what face shape you have?
Do you know what kind of texture your hair holds?

Do you know what color looks best on you?

If any of these are not answered by your current stylist - or any other questions - come join me for a first time haircut. Education, consultation, and personal lifestyle are the most important factors in determining what's right for you.

Remember - first time guests always save $10 on their haircut!

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