Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thursday Is The Night To Not Forget!!!

Ihloff's greatest event of the year will be tomorrow Thursday, October 22nd at 7Pm at the Convention Center downtown. If you have not gotten your tickets yet, it's NOT too late! Stop by the salon tomorrow during the day to pick them up for $15 or $20 at the door.

I am in charge of the Prince & Princess (Good Guys) segment, and I'm SUPER excited about my characters! I do not want you guys to miss the 'other work' that we capable of here at Ihloff! Plus, we get dressed up and get to experience something different than your typical Thursday night in Tulsa! It will be a very awesome evening!

Remember, this IS a benefit for Resonance; last year we raised almost $60,000 for the organization. They help women that have been incarcerated for nonviolent crimes return to 'normal' lives in our society by teaching them coping and life skills. We work very hard and need your support to help make this work!

I hope to see everyone tomorrow, even most of my GUY friends are coming, so this is for BOTH sexes! Bring your boyfriends and husbands ladies!

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