Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Trends Class

Usually on Sundays, I have to be at work at 12PM. That's usually fairly early for me, but this past Sunday, we had Trends class even earlier: 10AM. So hairstylists from both Utica and South locations came together with bagels, fruit, and cream cheese to learn the newest color formulas, color techniques, and hairstyles!

The 'shag' is coming back in full force, just with more texture, movement and a little different cutting style. Everything can look really full and layered when you round brush or just soft and trendy when you flat-iron the hair instead. It's so amazing how different one haircut can look with just how you style it.

There was a REALLY pretty red color that we did on a live model as well. It's perfect for fall with how rich the color is. The techniques that we learned weren't super different, but just little 'splashes' of color instead of being bold, bright, and in your face.

I know I'm definitely ready for a change in color and style, and not just because of the weather cooling down. When you do the same thing for too long, it just brings you down because you feel stagnant, so...it's time for CHANGE! But TRENDY change!

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