Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dirty Is Not Always A Horrible Thing!

I know we've discussed this before, but I wanted to reiterate and bring up a few new tips.

First off, you should be only washing your hair every other day or even every 2 days if your hair is thick and coarse. Guys - that means you as well! Your scalp may take a week or two to get used to your washing it less, but it will adjust in time.

There are a few times in particular that you need to resist washing, even if it's time to.

1. If you're coming in for a haircut! I'm going to wash it anyways, so let me do my job! Like I just said, only wash it every other day, so there is absolutely no reason to wash it more than once a day.

2. If you're coming in for color - it is so much easier for me to foil hair when it's a little dirty because the 'fly aways' lay down much easier for me. Less 'fly aways' mean less time fighting little hairs and better color all together.

3. If you're getting an updo - Dirty hair holds better than clean hair because as I just mentioned, the little hairs lay down much better. If you are going to do an updo, you usually know plenty ahead of time about the event, so try to wash your hair at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment. Having that little bit of extra oil in your hair adds much more shine, and makes everything look picture perfect without adding extra product.

And now onto how-to. Shampoo and condition, separately. Yes, two steps. And the type of product you use is very important as well. Pantene has wax in its shampoo that builds up on the hair and too much protein that makes the hair break off. Herbal Essence and Suave are much too harsh for the hair. The rest that you buy off the store at Wal-Mart or a department store are not much better. I have worked with Matrix, Biolage, Rusk, Aquage, American Crew, Nioxin, Nexus, S Factor, and now Aveda. I will admit that Aveda is my favorite so far, and not because it's what my salon supplies. I can now finally make the hair in the salon that I see in magazines. Plus, it makes me feel better that I'm not putting strange chemicals on my scalp. Best of all, my vibrant red hair stays better than ever!

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