Friday, August 1, 2014

Before & After Photos

The salon has been busy with new clients! Below are some photos of Paul & Abby. 

Paul came to me after bleaching his own hair out at home 7 times, and finally wanted an alternative way of lifting his Level 1 Asian hair without all the chemicals. He processed under heat for 40 minutes, then cooling for 20 and at no point did his scalp tingle, itch or even burn! 

We applied a toner twice before he left to alleviate some orange/yellow hues because his goal was slate gray/silver.

After having lifted his hair that blonde, he returned a week later for another toner application and voil√†!

Abby came to me after not having her hair cut in almost a year, with 4-6 inches of regrowth and a completely lost shape. Her goal was red, so we combined a few bottles of this, a few bottles of that, incorporating 3 different red tones with foiling techniques suited for curly hair.


  1. Great work, I love how there is the information on the tones of the colors that were used. I was thinking of going with a natural red tone. I am going to use this as a preference when I get it done.

  2. Good quality info. Lucky to me I came to your website not on purpose, but now I have bookmarked it.