Thursday, May 29, 2014

2014 Summer Hair Color Trends

Not everyone has to go blonde in summer, and Britney Spears proves that!

There’s no denying it. 

One the most popular hair color tones for summer is copper!

But for those that want to stay more natural....

Not only is bronde one of the hottest haircolors of 2014, it’s also one of the most versatile. Feel free to add a few more lighter pieces if you’re look for a more blonde than brown look, but this is a great base to start with!

Don't want all over warmth? Dark ash blonde with subtle, warmer pieces at the bottom is a great way to kick off summer. The sun’s rays will likely lighten the color up by mid summer, leaving nothing, but beautiful natural highlights in it’s wake.


  1. Beautiful Hair Coloring.. Looking Beautiful. Thanks for sharing..

  2. Is bronde just another word for the blonde ombre? My wife just got her hair done and she has the blonde ombre that looks so beautiful. I really like the idea of lighter hair more near the bottom of the hair.

  3. I Love the chocolate brown color. I know some summer hair colors trend that are implement everyone. These are :

    1. Bombshell Bronde
    2. Peek-a-boo Pastels
    3. Ombre
    4. Sunkissed Strawberry Blonde
    5. Golden Hues
    6. Copper Reds
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