Sunday, June 21, 2009

Stop Washing Your Hair Every Day!!!

Every other day. Every 2 days. Twice a week. As long as possible in-between. Period. Simple. Follow it!!!

Issue: "I have an oily scalp."
Answer: No, your scalp is used to you washing it every single day. So it produces oil because it knows you're going to remove it within 24 hours. Experiment for me, from the last time you washed it, go 36 hours (a day and a half, so Monday morning to Tuesday night). Then another 36hours (Tuesday evening to Thursday morning). And then try to go 48 (Saturday morning). The next week your scalp should have adjusted and you won't feel as 'greasy'.

Issue: "It looks greasy."
Answer: No one pays that much attention, trust me. People are so involved in themselves, they will rarely notice that you didn't wear matching socks, let alone wash your hair.

Issue: "It won't do anything unless I wash it. I can't get volume."
Answer: Please, shower. Allow the water to touch your hair and then...DON'T WASH IT! Just because your hair gets wet does NOT mean it has to be washed. When you get out of the shower, put your root booster in again (Volumizing Tonic works great!). Blast it with heat, because it's heat activated. You shall be beautiful with plenty of volume!

Issue: "I have fine hair."
Answer: Okay, fine greasy hair....I can try to get you to go MAYBE 36 hours...but even that's pushing it. Usually women and men with fine hair / oily scalp need to wash everyday. But washing with the right type of shampoo can improve HOW your hair looks. I love our volumizing shampoo and conditioner, Pure Abundance. You need a shampoo that cleanses thoroughly, to relieve buildup and then a conditioner that will help to plump up each hairstrand.

And it equals SAVING....


Great and wonderful news for everyone.

(For the record, when I was in high school, I SWORE that my hair was super oily/greasy. I washed it every single day, sometimes TWICE a day and made it "squeaky" clean, literally. Note: if your hair ever does 'squeak' after washing it, you're using a very VERY astrigent shampoo that's harmful on your hair. STOP!, it's about twice a week. And really, I FULLY wash it once, and then wash my bangs and my crown and let the shampoo just 'slide' through the rest. I probably condition 4 or 5 days a week though. Start the conditioner at your ends and work it up through. We need to moisturize those poor ends that don't get to suck up the oil your scalp produces!)

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