Friday, August 14, 2009

Foiling Fun

It's quite amusing to me that when I started beauty school back....5 years ago...almost, yes. Wow, that was a while ago. Anyways, in school they gave you about 2, 2.5 hours to foil someone's hair. I remember when girl's would come in, and we would begin foiling and it would honestly take an hour, hour and a half, sometimes 2 HOURS just to put the foils in. Sometimes, we even worked as a team, 2 girls foiling 1 girl's head of hair.
I remember one time, I had put a ton of foil in this girls hair because she wanted to be blonde. After I finished, she continued to pick up the hair that was not in the foils and asking "Is this going to be highlighted blonde too?" in a really snide tone. I remember thinking to myself that day that if she wanted to be all over blonde, that we should have COLORED her hair not just highlighted it. But...oh well. We didn't really know what we were doing anyways!

But it's so amazing to me how different someone looks when you brighten their hair color. Most people naturally have a very neutral or even ash hair color. The eye prefers something with a little more warmth or gold to it. It just views it as being richer, prettier. Often times just popping in a few light blonde and some of your own natural level is enough to brighten your current color without too much upkeep.

OR you can be totally crazy and do bright red, purple, blue...even green I suppose if you would like! I know some of the schools around won't allow their children to have unusual hair color, but for the rest of us, having a little fun never hurt anyone!

A few months ago, I took a foiling class, Pure Foiling, that discussed different haircuts versus foiling techniques. Every class I go to, I just learn so much more, even things that may not pertain to the actual subject. I never thought about before how if your haircut is layered a lot, then you should foil a certain way compared to if you have no layers in your haircut at all. Some of the things I did automatically because it just seemed logical to me, but some things were a nice surprise.

So...onto more color, foils, and cuts tomorrow! Superb Saturday at Ihloff!

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