Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hair & Makeup & Color OH MY!

I came to a realization the other day. Obviously...I know a little about hair, a little about makeup, a little about beauty. Some of the things that I just know, think of as common sense, are NOT for most people. I suppose it's from reading those hundreds of teenage magazines when I was younger or spending that hour and a half getting ready every morning while I was in high school. I suppose that was defnitely considered an 'experimental' time. No real instruction, just me deciding what looked acceptable.

Well, not everyone was as crazy as I was back then or didn't experiment as much. (And that's why they're CEOs and marine biologists and craziness like that!) And I forget that, but that's why I love where I work even more! Whenever anyone gets their hair colored, because it can be a little of a messy process and you have processing time anyway...we have a complimentary Color on Color. What that means, is either while you're processing or after we're finished, you go with one of our Aveda Advisors (makeup artists). If you have any questions or anything specific you want to work on, they will definitely help to answer any questions. I have learned so much just from watching them work with other people and what they have personally taught me as well.

So make sure that when we do your color, that you have the time to go up and sit with them, and to NOT work out after you come in!!! It's date time then!

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