Friday, July 31, 2009


Today was probably the busiest day that I've ever had. I was booked solid from 9AM until 5PM, with the exception of a 30 minute lunch break. Haircut, foil with color, haircut, haircut.....etc, etc, etc.
One of the girls from the call center called halfway through the day and wanted to know how my day was going. "Busy, but good so far." "Good? Do you think you could fit in one more haircut today?" I look at my full schedule and think...and of course, say yes. So everything is according to schedule, up until the 'add-on' haircut, but it was a good thing. The woman was from Missouri and needed a non 'soccer mom' look. And because it was my second to last appointment, I didn't run too late.
Today many people came in, were very sweet, were made more beautiful and it was a great day in general! Nothing crazy happened, a little stress, but still under control. Great times and tomorrow is Saturday; today was JUST Friday!

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