Monday, July 27, 2009

The World Is Just A Stage...

As well as my mirror I suppose. Today Michael Baker came to Tulsa and gave a class called "5 X 5 The Stage". First thought...what is the 5 X 5 stand for? It's the measurements for a stylist's station. Ah-ha! And the stage? The mirror, everything you, the client sees as you sit in the chair (as long as your eyes aren't closed, I have a few nappers!).

I think his class was quite informative, although some of the thoughts he shared, many people didn't know or didn't do. It surprised me, because I am already doing most of the ideas he gave to us and learned them through both Polo Grill and Ihloff. Something as simple as just amazes me when people just don't do it. I think that's just a quality a person is supposed to possess and if it's one that you do not have, it's a necessity for you to work on it. I am not perfect and there are sometimes glitches in my consultations, but I really am a people pleaser and only want to make you look as beautiful/handsome as you possibly can be and create hair that you like as well!

So...from this I did learn, which I thought was strange. People think hair is dirty. I suppose it is, and if/when I find hair in my food at a restaurant, I stop eating it. But for me, hair on my clothes is an everyday part of life. I will have to adopt this reality of 'hair is dirty' for my clients comfort though, which can be done.
I also learned that to become an éxpert' in a given field, it takes 10,000 hours of work or practice. I of course, decided to do the math...
- if I included the 2100 hours that I went to school, plus the time as an assistant, plus the hours that I work now and the extra classes I've taken and will take...and then how many hours I approximately work each week....then it would take me AT LEAST 5 MORE YEARS to be an 'expert'. That was quite shocking for me.

So in conclusion, sweeping and listening. And looking into the mirror every now and again to realize what it is that my special relationships are looking back at.

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