Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Strawberry Blonde Huh?

I love my clients. I know how I love to change my hair and do different things and I LOVE it when they want to as well!

Miss Rachel came in today being medium to dark golden brown color. She had decided she wanted to be strawberry blonde, all over. No highlights, no dark anymore, blonde, strawberry. All before her trip tomorrow!

So...talk, discuss, insure....talk again. And then we got BUSY! It was basically a 'color correction' instead of just a 'color', so I definitely needed a little extra time.

We put enlightener (powder bleach with creme booster) on every strand of hair. We needed to lift the previous hair color we had done up to a blonde/dark blonde color. It took a while and a little heat had to be involved, but we got her there. Then we had to color her back down because blonde roots and orange strands just won't cut it! So another 30 minutes with haircolor, rinsed, masked and she was good to go!

I love it when people challenge me like this and want to do something completely and totally different. It makes my days so much more fun! So thank you girl!

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