Saturday, July 18, 2009

Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

If only Polo Grill knew how much they taught me....

I really believe that thought it true. If you are prepared to start your day, then everything really just seems to go that much smoother. (Note: This is something I feel I need to work on. Starting.)

Often times at night, no, my apologies, every night before I leave the salon, I look at my books for the upcoming day. Glance over, hopefully it's full and no mistakes are made. I do have to say that usually my upcoming guests are people I've seen before, which makes me extremely happy. Obviously/hopefully that means that you liked previously what we had accomplished and/or are working towards a known goal. And seeing a familiar face is just awesome too. I definitely welcome new people into my chair, by all means, let me help you look even MORE fabulous! Love to!

So the evening before, I kind of mentally prepare myself if it's a busy day ahead and if not, then sometimes I'll pack a book or my laptop, or see if I can get a service done myself. I definitely prefer to stay busier, but those little times that a color glaze or a hair spa is snuck in for me or maybe even a little pedicure, the time sure flies by then!

I do have to admit something though. I'm a little OCD about my station. Jaclyn, my station buddy is pretty awesome at keeping it clean and helping me restock, that sort of thing. But I'm really fussy about WHERE the products are. And I prefer them to all be facing front and center. Preference, not absolutely necessary in busy times.

Another thing - I'm a perfectionist. And a people pleaser. Perhaps this is why this type of work is a good thing for me, but I want to help make people look as wonderful as they possibly can. And in timed situations, that is periodically more difficult to achieve. And the perfectionism kicks in, I want every little thing that may possibly be wrong, fixed. Then, not later. Then, even it takes 5 minutes over the appointment.

I've spoken with some stylists and I suppose learning is different for everyone. When I was in school, of course, technique was definitely emphasized over time. When I worked in my first salon, technique still. And at Marilyn's, I think it's a personal choice of the stylist.
I've known of certain stylists that won't take a guest if they're more than 15 minutes late because they won't be able to 'customize' the haircut. At Ihloff, that's actually the company's policy. We usually do the basic cut wet and then personalize it after we blow it dry (some, not all). Sometimes it takes longer than others, cowlicks, whirls, growth pattern, texture, it can all be a little tricky sometimes, so achieving perfection....sometimes takes just that extra minute.

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