Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Creative Team Storyboards!

Last night the Creative Team met at Baxter's, yes, even with the down pouring of rain. After a little snack, a little discussion and some sorting through model pictures and assigning characters, we were on the right track! We then sorted through tons of hair magazines and with a little SNIP SNIP and a little paste and arrangement, we had a collage for each different section. Crystal Lake and I are in charge of the Prince, Princess, and "Good Guys" section. I'm super excited about the Scarecrow and Cinderella. Braids and dirt and straw all mixed together, is going to be SO MUCH FUN!

Like I mentioned before, our show is Thursday, October 22nd, downtown at the Convention Center. Tickets are $15 beforehand, $20 at the door and it's a benefit for Resonance. And really...this is all I'm probably going to be talking about for the next 4 weeks!


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