Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Han's Class...The New York Master Teacher!!!

Han's is definitely one of my favorite teachers! He lives and works in New York, but I don't believe he's always been there. But he decided to join us at Ihloff the 23rd and 24th of August for a class on Technical Texture and Shape. Oh my gosh, I haven't learned that much...in forever. And I had so much FUN doing it!

He spoke about the different textures of hair and which tools we should be using to create certain looks. Needless to say, we were breaking out the clippers that we had put away in beauty school and using our razors and texturizing shears more than ever!

I got to just simply do technique on Sunday, but Monday was the really fun part. We all had to write down a decade, a place we felt at home, and a feeling. We put them all in separate bags and had to draw. After that, we didn't start cutting, but we started brainstorming on what each thing made us think about. I drew the 40's for the first one. And I....yeah, don't know a whole lot about that time period. I narrowed it down to Ice cream social and love letters with perfume. That's what I was going to make hair be about! (?) I think my Miss Manequin with her long soft flowly layers actually did a great job in telling my story. After that...I drew New Zealand. Um...? Nothing comes to mind....so the girl that had written that place gave me a little insight. "Desolate, remote, separate" was what I went with. Yes, my girl with choppy bangs and lots of texture looked like she was coming from the wild; YES SHE DID! And then...Sorrow was my emotion. Sorrow and a short asymmetrical haircut seemed to go hand in hand....so that's how my manequin still remains. Sorrowful, but with...'interesting' hair.

I loved doing these new techniques in class and have definetly taken them back to the salon and incorporating using different instruments more than usual. So when, no if, you see me pull out the clippers, razor, or texturizing shears, get ready for a better haircut!

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