Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Don't Take Over Our Salon!!!


I'm sure you've heard of this TV show - Tabitha Salon Takeover, or something along those lines. Ultimately, this woman goes in and observes how the salon is run and the employees actions and then helps make their business more successful. I saw a preview for this and decided I would add it to my DVR list, what could it hurt right?

Oh my gosh, I saw so many unprofessional things going on - WOW. There was a woman tonight that had been doing hair for over 17 years that had 'bleed marks' with her foils, missed spots while she colored and definitely got her feathers ruffled when Tabitha told her it wasn't good enough and that she was lazy.
I got to thinking about that, and in our salon, you have to go through the Assistant program. You work with the Masters and Advanced Masters and take classes. Education is so important here, and doing things CORRECTLY! It's not even your client and yet, if you DO miss a spot for color, the stylist in charge will definitely let you know that's unacceptable.

Also, this woman was not being able to take constructive criticism, especially about her clothing (she dressed like a disco ball). I always welcome new ways to do a haircut or little helpful hints about it, especially if it's something I struggle with. Or if the client has figured out something that's not working for him/her, but they can also identify what they KNOW does work, and we can continue forward.
Sometimes my guy friends will tell me that I should leave Ihloff and go to a different salon because Ihloff is 'too big' or has 'rules' or what-not. I tell them and believe that they're crazy. When I first moved to Tulsa, I didn't know where to go and began working at the Polo Grill in Utica Square (amazing food and service if you want a REAL experience BTW). The clientle there is extremely picky, but many people recommended Ihloff and I thought to myself, "If I'm working in the best restaurant in town, why don't I also work for the best salon?" So...the interview and application process began, the Assistant program was finished, and then the stylist's journey began.
I have noticed when I venture out in Tulsa or hear about other salon's and what goes on inside, I know once again that I'm at the right place. I suppose Tabitha could come in and try to 'take over' but I'm not sure that she would find a whole lot to change. We wear black everyday, so no disco balls. We DON'T talk back to our managers especially not the way that that crazy chick did last night. We try to treat everyone from the front desk coordinators, to the girls in the call center, managers, nail techs, spa hostess, everyone, with the same respect. There are so many of us, if we didn't, it would be very enjoyable to work there. Oh, and the learning from other stylists, or perfecting your work, I believe we all do our very best as often as possible. Sometimes a certain client doesn't 'fit' a stylist, but that's the beauty of our salon. There are SO MANY of us, all with different personalities, different eyes, that there's sure to be someone that can help you look the way you need or help teach each other in the process.

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