Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Holidays & Gift Set Time!

First - Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Turkey (or Tofurkey!) dinner!

Now, I'm sure if you've been into our salon since...Halloween (???) then you've noticed all these crazy boxes up front. Well, I'm here to remind you myself. Aveda doesn't ever do discounts or sales on their products, with the exception of Christmas. They package certain things together and take a percentage off - so even if you're not shopping for someone else - buy for YOURSELF!

First picture (above) is the Himalayan candle. If you have not smelled it, you're missing out. Vanilla, cinnamon, and organic clove bring the holiday memories back (soy based even!).

For those of you that use the Hand & Foot Relieft, they are packaging them together, along with the travel size. ($11 discount buying them together)

Color your hair? Color conserve is what keeps my bright red hair the color it is. Aveda is pairing it with Phollomient to save you $5.

With winter weather comes dry hair unfortunately. But we are fighting back with our Dry Remedy gift set. Shampoo, conditioner, mini hair masque (improves moisture in hair up to 73%!) and then a smoothing fluid for styling purposes - $10 savings.

There are a few others for those random people on your list. Men, teenage girls, I don't know anyone in my family that refuses the Aveda that I buy for them!

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